Marshawn The Great

By David Max


While the Denver Broncos defense was busy shutting down the Panthers offense, one of the games best players, and more so interesting players announced his retirement. 

Beast Mode


Hangin’em up Boss. He will be missed on Sundays.  Whether he’s powering through  (insert team name) front seven, or pumping fear into db’s when they have to attempt to tackle him, love him or hate him he was fun to watch.

Beast Mode


Unapologetically Marshawn. Unapologetically Oakland. He was himself, and the people loved him for it. At 5’11 and 215lbs he muscled through alot of “elite” NFL defenders. From the run that resurrected  (made you take him serious) his career, to refusing to let the media vilify him while fulfilling his obligations.  For 9 years, we’ve watched defensive coordinators try to figure out how to stop him. To no avail. 8 man box,  24 is running through that. Solo tackle? You’re going to need help son. He tormented opposing defenses. The five time Pro bowler rushed for a grand total of 9,112 yards, and 74 touchdowns.  His career totals are very similar to Hall of fame running back Earl Campbell. 


I feel like I can make an argument for Beast Mode making it in to Canton. Especially with him having a ring (should have been two), and producing when it mattered most, the post season.  Marshawn rushed for 937 yards. That’s 8th best all-time. He did that in only 11 games, most of them with a quarterback who can run. So before you go wanting say what’s that have to do with anything,  I’m talking about 308 potential yards, that you know Lynch was most likely a decoy. So you decide.



Marshawn’s fines have been well documented. $100,000 for not talking to the media. This was after getting fined for the same thing, ( $50,000 and $20,000 respectivly). There was the time Lynch was fined $10,000 for wearing Skittles themed cleats. $5,000 for wearing green ones. The NFL threatened to eject him out of a game for wearing gold cleats. It’s not called the “No Fun League” for nothing. At least he doesn’t have to worry about the NFL in his pockets anymore.




Marshawn has done countless charity work for kids, from Oakland to Seattle. His Fam 1st Family Foundation proves he’s not what the media wants to badly portray him to be. He doesn’t do touchdown celebrations, he just shakes hands. He’s been on the Conan O’brien show plenty of times showing off his sense of humor. If none of this moves  you can hear the man tell his story in this interview. Silence breeds curiosity,  and curiosity breeds speculation. And you can see what road that brings you down. If you don’t, you’re part of the problem.




In the end, Marshawn Lynch did it his way. Never changed. Ironically that’s what made people hate him as well as love him. He’s also going out on his terms. He didn’t wait until he got an injury where he would never be the same. He didn’t wait until he was essentially living pay check to pay check, and he goes from one team to another, collecting the minimum. No. As for what to do next,  Lynch opened up his own Store this past week. Selling his Beast Mode brand apparel at 811 Broadway Street in Oakland. Like I said never changed. Stayed true to home base. So the greatest running back in my generation retired today at the age of 29. Fuck that Superbowl. This was the biggest news of the day for me.


-David Max




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