The Disappointing Tale of Mark Jackson

 Somebody please!!! Can we as black people trade Mark Jackson? ( A la Chappelle Show racial draft), With no restrictions or provision. This dude is what we as hard working black Americans call coonery. This dude is just a disappointment. For a man who, not only did I look up to, but constantly defended in barbershop discussions, fan events, or just even in social media. I feel ashamed. Where do I begin? Well obviously I have to tell you some facts and stats, blah blah blah, but I also have to explain in detail why I feel this way. So let’s start at the beginning…

   The beginning was very sweet. Towards the end of the 2011/12 NBA season during the playoffs, ESPN analyst Mark Jackson announced that he would be the coach of my beloved Warriors. I was ecstatic. “Finally”, I said. I said that (no not because he was black, remember our coach at the time was Keith Smart.) But because at the time, Jackson was the NBA’s third all time assist leader. So, I was happy that he would teach Steph Curry how to be a point guard. Remember, Larry Riley had lied to the fans saying Monta Ellis would be our point guard of the future. Then traded him midseason, for Andrew Bogut. So just like the Warriors brought in Baron Davis and Derek Fisher to mold a young Monta Ellis at the beginning of his career, I felt that this was a great move.

Mark Jackson missed the playoffs that first year. We had a lockout season, and Steph was still not 100% due to ankle surgery. We will move on to the following season the 2012/13 NBA season. And I’ll use baseball strike metaphors to simplify my hatred for this man. 

Strike 1

     During the 1st round of the playoffs that year, we were out played by the Denver Nuggets. We did win the series but, something stood out. Andre Igudola was Denver’s star player. Acquired in that blockbuster Andrew Bynum-Dwight Howard trade, Iggy would become an unrestricted free agent. So why was he in our locker room for the team prayers during that series? I know Mark Jackson is a minister, and has a church in LA (which we will address shortly) but this doesn’t look good to me as a fan. I know if I’m a Denver fan, I am hot. What are you doing there Iggy? Denver has every right to be salty at us Warriors for that move. And when free agency began, guess who we aquire in a sign and trade with Denver?? With a 4 year $44 million dollar contract? Andre Igudola. Who, would go on to win the 2015 NBA Finals MVP award. One loyal Denver fan might even put an asterisk next to that. See, I’m all about truth and logic. I’ve been a Dubs fan for 25+ years. So there is no bias in discussing that pertinent detail .

Strike 2

       Rumblings came down to Dub fans that, not only management, but owners, ticket holders, etc. were upset with Mark Jackson’s devout Christian, bible thumping ways. Especially for a man who cheated on his beautiful R&B singing wife Des’ree. This dude cheated on her with a stripper and has the nerve to try and sweep it under the rug. Then, when the stripper tries to extort him, by exposing him for cash, he goes to the FBI. What in the hell did you think was going to happen? Hoes will be Hoes. C’mon Hollis Queens, you know better. He reminds me of a preacher in any black movie who is/was a pimp and just using poor saps, to preach fake gospel (*cough* Mason Betha *cough*) just to get money. Making us black men look pitiful. 

Strike 3

Awww yes. The old “Do as I say, not as I do” Mentality. We know you’re a minister, but you openly say that you condemn homosexuality in the 2nd largest homosexual community in the world (Montreal being the first). I don’t give a rats ass about someone’s religious beliefs, or sexual orientation but you realize that, 
1. You’re the coach of the Warriors
2. You’re Black
3. You’re in the Bay Area
4 . You’re Black
5.You’re a minister and no matter how you feel you are suppose to lead
6. You’re Black
7. You just cheated on you’re wife
8. You’re black
9. Ownership is disappointed by you telling them you will not be buying a home in the Bay Area because your priorities are in LA where you’re ministry is


Strike 4


Mark Jackson got fired, and of course, Stephen A. Smith goes on a tyraid saying that Mark Jackson got fired because of his skin color. So that’s why he gets another strike. Because in their eyes, being black and having to overcome certain things, society should baby us. That makes us look weak as hell. Dumb take. Really dumb, just like the “Rooney Rule” in football. Lets interview one black candidate. Just like the African American Honor Roll is 2.5 and above instead of 3.0. So, therefore Mark Jackson should get 4 strikes. He’s black ladies and gentleman. He underachieved, and he is a terrible coach, so his racist white owners fired him (Sarcasm, the owners are not racist).  Not because there were gay executives in the Warriors front office, or because Mike Malone ran the team, or because Mark Jackson is a glorified motivational speaker, or because he played hero ball with Steph Curry and underutilized our team. So he deserves another chance. I despise this piece of….. I looked up to you man. You’re a huge let down. And you still act bitter. You get into year long tiffs with Andrew Bogut, you rode Lebron’s dick so hard in the 2015 NBA Finals while turning your smug nose up at us. Then you say Steph is hurting basketball. You just sound like a bitter ex girlfriend man. What a pathetic man. When does it end?  Oh, but that’s right, only God Can Judge You, right? Funny, that only works in times of despair or adversity. Because when you signed your contract, or cheated on your wife, I bet that was the last thing you were thinking about, Minister Jackson.

Lost a fan and fellow African forever,
Tareau Barron



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