The revolving door of boredom

By  Tareau Barron


It’s true! It’s true! (In my Kurt Angel voice) Whatever is the writer talking about? Yo may ask. Well I’Lloyd tell you what I’m talking about. I’m talking about former athletes, coaches and general managers becoming commentators or analysts. It’s overwhelming honestly, as a sports fan. It’s an oversaturation of these guys in all sports genres, with no credientals who spew off the same opinionated BS.  Think about it. This is like a bullpen (or graveyard) for these guys and it’s just unnecessary. There’s no authenticity when it comes to them. There’s no more Marv Albert’s. There’s No more Chick Hearns. There’s no more Kevin Harleys. There’s just the likes of former greats (who I admired and idolized playing) talking about nothing.

As a fan, do you think I can take the great Tracy McGradys opinion seriously. I’m thinking, “Man, You were the man back in the day, but you were never the vocal leader or opinionated, self righteous dude when you were playing, were you?” I don’t like this behavior from our former greats. It’s Donovan Mcnabb-esq. Remember when McNabb played, he was constantly the focal point around many of topics around water coolers in America. Because he was a black quarterback, he was constantly scrutinized or praised. He stayed some what quiet about social and racial issues. For every 10 racial issues or so during his career, he would probably speak on 3 of them. 30%. Turn on Fox sports 1, and you would think that this pretentious, smug looking , Brooks brother suit wearing, dude would have you thinking that he was the second coming of Huey P. Newton or something. The same goes for McGrady. It’s tiring for me as a sports fan to see this. It’s accepted in 95% of sports communities and the average fanbase. Well not here. No way, Jose. I’m not tolerating it anymore.

As of right now my beloved Warriors are up 3 to 1 against the hand picked Cavaliers. ABC has the rights to do the NBA Finals. They have for some several years. I just wish TNT had the rights. Or better yet I wish TNT was on basic cable so everyone can see how better designed the format is. The reason why I say this is because Paul Pierce is along side Jalen Rose, Doug Collins and Sage Steele. He looks extremely lost there. What are you doing man? Why are you even there? You looked into the Camera before game one and said Cavs in 6? I know Paul Pierce has excellent basketball knowledge and an IQ I would kill for. With that hall of fame resume how can you simply believe Cavs in 6? See this is exactly what I mean. You’ve balled out since getting drafted #10 in 1998. You know more hoops than anyone. And you sit here with a straight face and say Cavs in 6. Are you just doing this for shock value?  If I’m a novice to the sport, I’m feeding in to this. That’s my problem right there. Most sports shows are simple and contrived. You don’t have thenough real fans perspective. Everything is so politically correct nowadays. Lord forbid you have an original opinion about someone by the name of LeBron James or Michael Jordan. If you do, you will quickly have an exodus to the business.


I’m going to break down to you the common sports show. Or pregame show.You have to have the OG. The OG is a former coach, General Manager, former player, owner, color commentator, contributor, commissioner etc. Then you have to have “the woman.” The woman never represents what real women sports fans are about. Their usually very skinny or petite, and what America considers to be their standards of beauty. They’re never full figured women or “average looking women.” Most of the time the women in this position is suppose to be the hostess or mediator or in charge of cutting to commercial or switching topics but can never have complete control over her male counterparts. And 90% these women are not Cheryl Miller. And what I mean by that is Cheryl Miller knows more basketball than what most of the “Men” could even fathom. Next you have an athlete who is in their dog years. Possible in their last year of their current contract. Testing the waters of being an analysis and seeing how they respond with the current cast. Most of the time they’re only there because of who they know and their resume. Kind of like how you see guys in there 15th 16th seasons getting all star bids over young guys (See Paul Pierce comment above) Next you have the professional. No personality but, reliable with stats, info, injuries and other random things. Then you have the dual guys. The dual guys are the Steve Kerrs’, The Mike Fratellos, The Hubie Browns etc. These guys are great analysts or commentators but they are equally great coaches or General Managers. Finally you have the celebrate guesthe. That one is self explanatory.

Lastly, you have to think. When you were coming up as a kid and got into sports, do you really think you would get excited when Reggie Miller is saying “Oh no he didn’t” Or Grant Hills boring point of views. Or Chris Webbers’ jabbering on about “you see young kids this is what you gotta do” What is to become of this generation under us if your analyst would leave if the opportunity would come. Think about it, most of these guys are not passionate about the craft. It’s just something for them to do. Until something better comes along. It’s the new Uber or Lyft of sports broadcasting. That’s why I respect guys like Charles Barkley. I don’t really agree with alot of the bullshit he spews, but he is who he is. It’s kind of like the sentiment… If you’re a racist own it. I’ll respect you more as a person if you do. Everyone knows Chucks political views, social views etc. He constantly criticizes the women in southern states for being big. “San Antonio with their big Ole women.”  But he is real. That’s who he is. An all time great who may be racists, sexist, etc but he’s always been like that. He once said he wasn’t a role model. He couldn’t be more wrong. He is. Real people do real things and don’t care what anyone else has to say. God, I wish JR did commentary for hoops.


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