Aces (Acy) beats Kings

Hello there Sacramento Kings fans, this buds for you.

We are here to talk about your upcoming summer and past season. I chose to put Quincy Acy‘s name in this headline because he is the heart and soul of the Kings. Now much on that later. There’s a lot of decisions to make and rebuilding to do. So let’s jump into the fray, shall we. In order to do so we must talk about the bad things first. Don’t worry, good things are to come.

1.That turmoil tho?
Yes Turmoil for the past 6 years or so. Even after the Maloofs, Vivek Ranadive becoming the majority owner in 2013 did not help the team environment . His infatuation with his former team the Golden State Warriors, has doomed this talented team roster. Dude, let the roster and coaching staff mature 1st before you do anything. The Kings have not had a coach with a 3+ year tenure since Paul Westphal. And he wasn’t even a good coach. Demarcus Cousin has almost played for a new coach every year since he’s been in the league. Say what you want about Boogies temperament. I’m surprised that he hasn’t been ejected more quite honestly. Not to mention that
Shaquille O’Neal became a minority owner 2 years ago adds fuel to this unneeded circus. As powerful and influential as Shaq is, it does not to seem to to be rubbing off from afar. Maybe die hard kings fans have further insight on this, but I just don’t see or hear that much from the “Black Tornado” in regards to his newest venture. Lmao hell I heard more about them damn Arizona sodas that Shaq came out with a few years ago than I did about the Sacramento Kings. And Shaq as we know is a marketing genius.

2. Bad roster moves.
Let start with the draft moves going back 7 years so to 2009. The reason for this is because alot of these players should be entering their prime now with the Kings
2009. Not with anyone else but the Kings.

23rd pick OMRI CASSPI




7th pick BEN McLEMORE
36th pick RAY McCALLUM



OK let’s let all that talent sink in and let’s do a where are they now piece on these guys.

Tyreke is in New Orleans. Career tapered off pretty much after winning rookie of the year. Omri got drafted and then traded after his rookie year for J.J. Hickson. Bounced around, played in Isreal, came back to the league, and signed with the Kings in 2014 on a 1 year deal. He balled out and was awarded with a 2 year $6 million deal last year. He is a bright point for the Kings. Jeff Pendegraph (Who is now named Jeff Ayers) was drafted by the Kings and traded for Sergio Rodriguez. Ayers bounced around in the D league and even got him a championship ring while a member of the 2014 Spurs team. Sergio Rodriguez played 39 games for the Kings before being involved in that 3 team trade that involved T-Mac, Larry Hughes, and Kevin Martin. Sergio is more known for his Spanish/Euroleague work than his NBA work.

No need to talk about Boogie here. Now just think about this. Hassan Whiteside was drafted by the Kings and he bounced around the D league before emerging as a promising Center. Imagine a Boogie and Whiteside front court. Man oh man. Unfortunately Whiteside only played a handful of games for the Kings due to a partially torn tendon in his knee. He was assigned to the Reno Big Horns several times before being traded. Bounced around, and now is in Miami and will command over $100 million dollars easily when free agency begins on July 1st.

Bismack was drafted and traded that night in a mega trade. Basically Bismack was traded to the Bobcats for John Salmons and Jimmer Freddette. John Salmons who was a fan favorite with the Kings in his more formidable years was just a shell of his former self the second time around in Sacramento. Jimmer we all know what happened there so there’s no need to beat a dead horse. Unless your cruel. Am I cruel? No I am not. Moving on.


 Founder, CEO, president, client, user, correspondent blah blah blah of, David Max Allen loves Thomas Robinson. T-Rob unfortunately is a product of not getting a fair shake. He works hard in practice and plays hard when his number is called upon. He just never could show his full repertoire of skills. He also had a temper his rookie year. Only playing in 51 games the Kings traded him and Francisco Garcia to the Rockets for Toney Douglass, Cole Adrich and Patrick Patterson. None of those 3 players are with the Kings anymore. Orlando Johnson was traded to the Pacers on draft night. He worked hard and eventually he earned a contract. He bounced around and in 2014 he played a few games with the Kings before getting waived. Last I heard he played for the Pelicans this past season. On another fine point The Kings traded Luc Mbah a Moute to Minnesota for the 2011 No 2 overall pick Derrick Williams. D will signed with the Knicks last year. So once again another high draft pick not with the Kings.

Ok remember that horrid 2013 draft class. Yes we all do. McLemore went 7th and at times struggled like all rookies going to a dysfunctional franchise is suppose to do. My only beef with Ben was him wearing 2 shooting sleeves and him getting hung on his 1st dunk attempt in the 2014 slam dunk contest. Other than that he has potential to be a smaller Rudy Gay. It just sucks that he was in trade rumors his 2nd year. How do you expect a young 2/3 guard to develop with all this frustration? That same year the Kings drafted Ray Macullam. Ray played in 113 games with the Kings, starting 40 of them. He was a solid contributor but he was traded to San Antonio for a 2nd round pick in 2015. He was waived by the Spurs this past season, but Memphis picked him up. He will be a free agent in a few days. Kings could use a quality backup point guard. Homecoming?? Maybe.

Nik Stauskas was a dumb draft choice in my opinion. The Kings just drafted Ben McClomore at the same spot the previous year. And what do they do? They draft another one. I honestly thought they should of drafted Elfried Payton because the needed a young point guard. At the time they had Andre Miller, David Stockton, and Darren Collison. Andre Miller is the most underrated point guard in NBA history and would of been a great mentor for Payton. 2014 however was a terrible year for the Kings. 3 head coaches, bad draft choices and finishing at 29-53. Just terrible all over.


draft the Kings selected Willie Cauley-Stein. Nothing against the kid but I don’t see him being the Kings savior. He’s already in trade rumors after having a so so rookie year. He managed to get an all rookie nba 2nd team nod.The Kings underachieved yet again this year. Signing the stat chasing Rajon Rondo to a 1 year $9.5 million dollar deal. Rondo performed great considering the circumstances but there was once again too much dysfunction. Due to George Karl and his old school approach and Vlade Divac not doing a great job with damage control, the Kings didn’t get the support they needed. Hell they were in 7th place in December. With that roster they should of made the playoffs.



1. Darren Collison
Darren Collison will most likely be suspended for some time. If you haven’t heard on May 30th, he was arrested on 2 counts of domestic abuse. Released on $55k bail an is set to go to court July 11th, 2016. He signed a 3 year $16.5 Million contract last before the 2014-15 season. Honestly he is not their answer at the point guard position. Yeah he’s quick, but honestly is any elite point guard checking for him? I think not. I think the Kings need to put him on the 2nd unit.

2. Trade Rudy Gay
Rudy Gay is one of my all time favorite players in NBA history. I know you’re probably laughing right now but I love those players who can shoot and dunk on cats. The Ray Allen’s, The J.R. Smith’s, The Paul George’s, and if Klay Thompson didn’t play like a little bitch and have hops, you can throw him in there too. Those types of players are even more fun to play with on video games. Anyway, Rudy Gay shouldn’t be there because of the Kings newest head coach, Mr. Dave Joerger. He is an analytics guy and if that didn’t work in Memphis, what makes you think that the Kings will do any better. Rudy Gay unfortunately, is not the best teammate and can become a black hole on offense.

3. Resign Seth Curry
Seth balled out for the Kings. Give that man a 3 or 4yr deal and give him the keys. If you’re going to start over, do it right.

4. Please get some consistency
Coaches, staff, players etc come and go. The Kings have become a farm system for a lot of the NBA now. You have to sell the Kings environment. New unis, new arena, new vibe. Get some guys in there that want to be there. Stop trying to be Golden State or Memphis and become your own identity. Are you going to be a 3 and D team? Inside out team? Highlight team, what are your plans? What do you as a franchise envision? I would open up that check book and get some people there man. Caron Butler will opt in to his player option. He needs to retire honestly. Finally as the title states “Aces (Acys) beat kings. The reason I saw this is because Quincy Acy is a monster. You better resign him. He is a beast and should be In those new duds for the Kings in October. It’s Acy’s Law. (No not the former player Acie Law) If Demarcus is going to stay, he needs to have Law there for a while. For the Kings fans sake please change. By the way. I am not a Kings fans. I’m an NBA fan first, and a Warriors fan 2nd. But you know the old saying..

“Keep your friends close and you’re enemies closer.”


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