They deserved it

Yes indeed. The Cavs deserved that championship last night. From J.R. Smith shooting like J.R knows how, to Richard Jefferson playing like it’s 2002/03, to Tristan Thompson showing the world that he is worth max money, to the 2 SUPERSTARS on the Cavs playing up to their moniker. But that’s not what I am writing about. I’m talking about the choke job of my Warriors. They deserved to lose. As I mentioned in the previous article “Tales from a blue collar fan” the Warriors played soft. They play entitled. The Warriors sulk when their 3’s aren’t raining. The Warriors play stupidly. The Warriors play without discipline.

LeBron Championship

Let’s start with our unanimous MVP. What the hell, Steph?? Where’s the fire? Kylie Irving,”Steph Curryied” Steph Curry. Made him his side piece. The fact that Kyrie Irving hit a deep clutch 3 over Steph when the game was tied at 89 last night, let me know everything about this serious. Next possession is what defines your current legacy. Steph Curry had one of the league worst defenders, Kevin Love, switch on him and Kevin Love forced Curry to take one of the dumbest, ill advised shots that I’ve ever seen in an game 7. Kevin Love people. Yes that Kevin Love. Just wow. As much as the media praises Curry for this past season, he needs to hear it from people. He needs to get booed by his own fans, he needs to accept this criticism, he needs to not have 2 assist in a game ever, he needs to honestly stop playing like a lost little punk. It’s time for this Warriors team to accept that they are soft and they only goes as far as Draymond Green’s motor can take them.

For this past season, the Warriors were praised by everyone. It was a media frenzy about every little thing they do. Now it’s time for them to feel what it’s like to be vilified for their terrible play. No excuses. Home court advantage, with a healthy roster (Bogut wouldn’t have made a difference), With a 3 to 1 lead over the Cavs. You gotta pull that off. No excuses. No excuses. I hope there will be some changes this summer. Need some athletic bugs, and some nasty wing players. We have a bunch of jump shooters who sulk when their shot isn’t falling. We have too many guys who wants to hit the home run instead of getting a single. Speights needs to go. Rush needs to go. Barnes needs to go. Bogut needs to go. With the decline of Iggys athleticism he is just a liability now. He needs to go. I hope that this off season is a self reflection that Men win not boys!!






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