Tareau’s Top 10 jerseys in NBA History

Yes. Yes. And yes again. Every die hard sports fan has a favorite jersey. Whether it’s a classic throwback, an every so often alternate, the same classic jersey with updated graphics and coloring, or even if it’s just a rival team who’s jersey you’ve grown accustom to over the years. I’m no different in the sense of a die hard sports fan. So here’s my crappie list. Keep in mind this is my list. Get your own dam unis. Ha ha ha


10. The 95/96 Forest green Milwaukee  Bucks alternate away Jerseys. Awww yes. These were retired in the 98/99 season. I used to love seeing Ray Allen, Glenn Robinson and Sam Cassell wearing these jerseys every so often. Hell even Tim Thomas and Darvin Ham too.


9. The 96/97 Utah Jazz away unis. These were a nice shade of purple with the mountain in the background. Utah had success in these. Reaching back to back championship berths in 97 and in 98. Utah stopped wearing these Unis at the end of the 2000 season.


8. The 95/96 Houston Rockets jersey. Yes these duds were used from 95-03. The actual idea of putting the teams logo on the jersey was cool. I wish they bring these back.


7. The 95/96 Detroit Pistons home Unis. I really loved these. The Pistons used these from 95-02. They came in different colors. With an actual Piston on the front of the jersey, the teal on this was always a cool color.


6. The 83 Denver Nuggets Home Unis. Ah yes, The “Rainbow City Tetris” jerseys. These were cleaner than the board of health (I see you Jalen Rose) They discontinued these in 94


5. The 96 Away Chicago Bulls Alt Unis
Man oh Man. Black with Red Stripes with the patent leather J’s. Of you rocked that fit in the mid 90s you had money. That jersey alone was about $300 and the patent leather J’s were $180. And there was no bootlegging Jerseys or shoes back in my day.


4. The 95 Atlanta Hawks away unis. Steve Smith was one of my favorite players growing up. To see him kill his opponents with the patent “smitty move” while rocking this jersey was amazing. Atl only used these from 95 till 2000. Love the menacing hawk on the front


3.The 95 Toronto Raptors home Unis. Toronto is slipping man. Drakes dumb ass should of re-created these since he had creative control over T.Dot’s new uni’s. These were classic. Damon Stoudamire was on fire with this one. These jerseys lasted from 95 till 2000.

j rich

2. The Golden State Warriors 2002 Away throwback/ The 75-83 away unis. Man you couldn’t tell me these aren’t the cleanest. I was so excited in 2000 when the NBA announced that they would start selling replica and Mitchell and Ness throwbacks. (Thanks to rap music) These jersey with the cable car on the back gets you ready for the club back then or ready for a date or ready to stunt on cats.


1. The 94 home Cleveland Cavs Unis. I loved these. Yes over my warriors. Ironically the Cavs just manhandled my warriors in a historic NBA finals, these jerseys were my first love due to 2 people: Terrell Brandon and Shawn Kemp. I loved the Carolina blue on these. The Cavs used these from 94-97.

So tell me, what do you think? What are your top 10 favorite NBA jerseys? Leave us your thoughts and comments. One love and enjoy the website and the 2016 nba draft.



  1. Fire list!! I always liked that Nuggets jersey! I had one back in the day. I am saddened by the fact that my beloved Celtics have always had lame jerseys. They are so plain!

    Remember that old school Vancouver Grizzlies jersey!?!!? That was bananas! I wanna cop one and get some Air Forces to match it and just walk around the mall feeling cool all day lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahahahhaha hell yea man I love those Vancouver jerseys. He brought it back with air forces. Hahahahahhah. The Celtics jersey will never change and I am tired of looking at them.

      Liked by 1 person

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