Tareau’s Top 10 jersey’s in NFL History

Ok. Alright now. Football season is a brewing. Even though I consider myself different from most people, I still tend to follow the trends and the crowds in occasion. With that being said here’s my top 10 Jerseys in NFL history. Enjoy.


10. The Red throwback New England Patriots jersey.
Originally the Patriots wore these from 1960 to 1992. But the one in the photo above is a tweaked version of those. Keep in mind I hate the Patriots but, those red unis are easy on the eyes. (That was corny as hell.)


9.The “Bucco Bruce” Away Tampa Bay unis.
The Bucs wore these from their inaugural season, 1976 to 1998. I like the away Unis better. Reminds me of the ORANGE SLICE soda. Who loves orange soda? Kel loves orange soda. Hahhahaha


8. The Revamped AFL San Diego Chargers powder blues.
According to alot of “OG’S” powder blue was a common color in the 70’s (hmmm I wonder why) bright pastel blue makes any man looks manlier but cleaner than the next


7. The “Randall Cunningham” Era away unis
Now Philly fans help me out here. Because Philly has one of the richest American football history in the country, when exactly did this style come about? Was it 1975? Prior? I’m doing my research and I’m getting conflicting reports. Any who, these duds were the shit. Especially with some green and white Saucony’s.


6. The Orange Cincinnati Bengals Alt Unis
These were known as the “Cardiac Cats” I remember these from the mid 2000’s Era and they are some of the cleanest unis in football.


5. The Away Detroit Lions Unis
Barry Sanders breaking cats ankles in this unique, was a blur before HD television. Imagine seeing him tear up defenses, on artificial turf back then. The gray compliments this Carolinian-ish blue.


4. The Baltimore Ravens Away Purple Unis
Yes I know. A lot of people like the Black ones better. Well I dont. Ravens have a hint of purple when the sun hits their feathers at a certain angle. But Ray Lewis and Ed Reed and company got you exited to see purple on Sunday and not just in ya mama’s church hat either.


3. The L.A. Rams Away unis.
these were popular in the 80s and early 90s. I hated the rams as a 9ers fan but you gotta admit these are clean duds. Nas and Ginuwine rocked these in the 1999 “You owe me video” and was looking dipped in butter


2. The Oakland Raiders Away Whites
Yes I know. The black unis is what everyone identifies with the Raiders. But I always loved this one better because you had to be Hella clean yet a Man’s man to get away with it.


1. The 94 San Francisco 49ers away unis
Ahhhhh yes. Super Bowl year. Whooping the Chargers assess 55-10. Seeing Deion Sanders do showtime in the end zone was classic. Loved the 3d black outline with the patch also.

So there we have it. My rhyme and reasoning for these. What are yours?.


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