“Best Seats In The House” Quick Catch Up on the Giants

Kruk and KuipFor any die-hard Giants fan, you might remember this quote from an earlier 2000 season game. It was the best announcers in Professional Baseball. Who am I talking about. No other than Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper. Collectively known as “Kruk and Kuip.” Let me walk you through the title quote. I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard and saw this awesomeness. It was a typical game at the best stadium in the world. AT&T Park. Kruk and Kuip were handling their business as usual. Doing hall of fame commentary along with making nice jokes and keeping you as the viewer, engaged. There was a little baby sitting on his mothers’ lap. His mother was (hmmm how can I say this without offending anyone) His mother was. She was STACKED. Yes well endowed. Anyways it looked to be the babies 1st game and one of the greatest announcers in the world said “Best seats in the house.” I thought this was a great way to be subtle and slick. Now that was classic, wasn’t it? I’m not here to talk about how great Kruk & Kuip is. (He hits it high, he hits it deep) I’m here to talk about my 2nd place San Francisco Giants. 2nd place in the whole league Craig. The whole league. (Friday After Next Friday reference)

mbum and posey

As of today 6/25/16 the Giants are 48-27. We are 15-6 in the month of June and from 6/11/16-6/19/16 we went on an 8 game winning streak. 23-13 at home and 25-14 on the road. Now I know there is this “Even year pressure” to win another World Series Trophy. Which I am hoping like hell to happen.  We are having a great 1st couple of months thus far. And I have a lot of groveling to do with the Giants due to my extended attention on the Warriors. Now one thing I do want to see is Mad Bum in the home run Derby. Why not? While pitching a 1.85 ERA and at 8-3 record he also has 2 dingers. I would also like to see Brandon Belt move up from 21 on the Batting average list, to about top 15. Now granted we are a great team. If you’re watching the Giants for fantasy numbers, this is the wrong site buddy.  The Giants has a great recipe for repeating. It may not be pretty and alluring to most but this has been some the most exciting baseball in a while. Just make sure you get some of our Gigantes in the upcoming all-star game in San Diego. Yadier Molina of the St. Louis Cardinals leads Buster Posey for the starting catcher position by 75,413 votes. Come on people wake up. Lets get our boys some love. Besides… We have





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