Dave’s Top 10 shoes from the 90’s

Whether  you grew up in the 90’season or not, you have to admit the best athletic shoes came out of that decade. I put together a list of my 10 favorite pair of shoes to come out of that great era.



     10. Nike Air Penny

I had a tough time deciding between these and the  Nike Air Ups. I adored both, but I decided I’d give his official debut signature shoe the nod.





     9. Nike Air Max ’97 aka Dan O’briens’

My cousin Terrell had these, and I wanted to borrow them more than anything,       because I knew I couldn’t have them. These shoes were classic! This shoe in.                            particular rekindleday my love for running shoes




8. Fila ’96 Varsity

Oh yes! I know you remember these. Grant Hill’s second signature shoe. Jordan who? These took over for a little while as a top selling shoe.If you had these you.                   automatically went up a few notches in popularity.




            7. Nike Zoom Flight ’95

Easily one of everybody’s favorites. I can remember Jason Kidd dropping dimes in these vividly! These were cleaner than your grandma’s living room




       6. Nike Air Max 2 (Charles Barkley)

You wanted them.  You know how I know?  Because I wanted them.  Everybody wanted them! Matched with so many outfits,  these were versatile. I’m thinking of starting a retro shoe collection starting  with these.




5. Nike Air Diamond Fury (Ken Griffey, Jr.)

I don’t have to write anything to sell you on these.  LOOK AT THEM




                    4. Nike Air Max ’95

With a litany of colors, these are my favorite scheme. Classic,  smooth, and this is the shoe that made neon green cool to rock. Neon green became the “go-to” color for a couple of years for a variety of shoes for Nike after this.




       3.Nike Air Griffey Max 1

These were some of the coldest shoes ever created. Go ahead and stare. It’s ok. They some mean ass shoes huh? I just about celebrated when I got a pair. Didn’t wear them often because I refused to let someone “accidentally” step on them





       2. Air Jordan XI

Thought long and hard about putting the original white & black joints. Then I remembered people breaking their necks to get their grubby hands on these. These changed lives for people good and bad. Only one word sums these shoes up…. Sexy





        1. Nike Air Max 90’s

Unequivocally, undeniably my favorite shoe ever made! Look at them. Look at the majesty! The infrared is what really sets these apart. I just hope whoever designed these got a raise and permanent job security.








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