Tareau’s top 10 shoes of the 90’s

Yes monkey see monkey do. Dave did his list so now i will do one too. Walk in my shoes. Hell I’ve had size 13/14 since I was 13. Screenshot_20160624-232516


10. The 96 side laced Dennis Rodmen’s. If you remember correctly he had 3 different shoes from Nike out around this time. These (the side laces) the zippers, and the basic ones that cost $60 at Copeland. Yall remember Copelands’ right?


9. The 95/96 red Deion Sanders. Yes because he was with the 49ers at that time but we also use to say that this design looked like a dinosaur claw.


8. Fila Grant Hill Navy #2 I didn’t like the white ones with the blue patent leather. I liked these better.


7. The 96 AIRS airmax shoes.

Scottie Pippen and other greats in the 90s rocked these like they were new socks. Especially looked clean in the Bulls red jersey.



6. The 97 Nike blue air bakins. The seems were Tim Hardaway’s first signature shoe but I liked the blue ones better than the Red.


5.The Reebok Answers red and white These were probably some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever played ball in. I liked these with the sixers home jersey.


4. The Red and black Jordan XI, yes this one would be higher on anyone lists. Too bad I could never afford these. Still cant.Not that Jordan gives 2 shits about black and Latinos killing each over over some dumb shoes. But that’s another article.


3. The 95 Griffey Airmax. All the ballers had these in Fillmoe around 95. From local rappers JT that Bgga Figga, to Rappin 4-tay everyone who was anyone in that era had these.



2. The 96 black and white penny air. These were my original favorite shoes of all time. But a few years ago, age took over my young mind and I had a grown man epiphany. See my #1 shoes


1. The black Larry Johnson converse with react juice. These shoes are sentimental to me because these were the 1st name brand shoes I ever owned. From pro wings, xj900, to attack forces, honchos, Oxford Street, to finally these. Copelands had a sale in the mid 90s and these and the Kevin Johnson’s were only $19.99. I was no longer getting made fun of because of my shoes. I had cool shoes. This was in 95.


What would be your favorite? Please leave feedback and comments. Thank you for checking out our site.





  1. How ’bout my baby had them black and white ones with the word ‘air’ written on the side. He was two years old walking ’round with them things on.
    Chile you better know Lady G didn’t buy them joints!
    His rich uncle did! LOL!!!!

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