Giving Them that D

And no it’s not what you think. I’m talking about defense. Say what? Defense. Yes that’s right. My focus here is to make you (the reader) love defense. Because, let’s be honest here, a lot of people don’t care nor like defense. The average sports fan can give 2 @#$% about defense. Well why is that? My theory is an interesting and off the wall theory. You might be offended. You might be displeased. You might be excited. Whatever the feelings just know that I’ve done my job to challenge and engage you. Please try to keep up with my. Lewis Howard Latimore-Esq theories.
For starters, defense is not sexy. It’s not advertised. It’s not glorified amongst common folks. What’s ironic however is the fact that defense takes less skill to develop than offense. Think about it. Sometimes just being in the right place at the right time can cause a turn over in Basketball, football, soccer, hockey etc. Sometimes all you have to do is be at the right place at the right time. With that comes the WILL to do that. The Heart, Will, and Desire to do that. Wait! What? The heart, will, and desire to stand around? “No way, I’m not going to do that Mr. Barron.”  You might say. No silly, the heart, will and desire to will yourself to anticipate making the play to be there at the right place and the right time. Please don’t get it twisted however. I’m not saying it’s easy to play defense. In fact I think it’s harder. It’s just not as glitzy as offense is advertised. Why do you think Steph Curry does not guard the opposing teams best point guard?
Now I truly believe soccer players and swimmers are the best athletes in the world. Soccer players with their endurance, footwork, and skills. Swimmers with their stamina, will and intuition. They are also great defenders when they play other sports.Achieng+Ajulu+Bushell+European+Swimming+Championships+eXsuhEbAn0ll Think about it. Muscle memory along with fatigue can be a deadly combination in swimming. Practicing breathing techniques and developing stronger lungs will push a swimmer to its limit. Now that same type of mentality makes a great defender. Did I lose you? Sorry. Soccer players are constantly running for 90 minutes and have to have a general awareness on where the ball is. Let that sink in on ya. You’re running for 90 mins straight only able to use everything but your upper limbs. Once you program yourself that you are restricted, you have to find out who you are guarding. What your task or assignment is. All while trying to score a goal or prevent the opponent to score on you. These 2 sports I just mentioned would transfer easily on being great wing defenders in basketball and great help side defenders
Not impressed yet? Ok good. I want you to be uninterested at this point. In fact I dare you to be. Now here’s where it gets fun. Think about this. Here in the United States we have an offensive mentality. We are easily OFFENDED. We are not proactive We are reactive. We have a vast amount of wealth but we are in tremendous debt. We as an American culture do not defend well. Socially, Economically, Financially, and Emotionally. We wait till something bad happens before taking preventive countermeasures. Whatever your political affiliation or upbringing you know I’m right. Even in entertainment the superhero is usual a defender but no one wants to pay to see defense. We want explosions (i.e. Hail Mary’s) We want high-octane (I.e. Thrills) We want to see what most americans view as sexy save the day. We don’t want to see the Tech guy save the day with his unique coding and hacking skills, or the 2nd in command. I do, but unfortunately im in that 2% of people who cares. I’m speaking to the majority. Now I have your attention, Sir or Madam. Ok now think about that previous statement and translate it into sports. No one wants to see 2x Defensive player of the year Kahwai Leonard, or 2015 NFL tackle Leader Navarro Bowman, year or Brandon Crawford making his 1st golden glove last year. (Shout out to Pleasanton Ca) or  Tamika Catchings making the All WNBA second team last tamika_catchings_-_h_-_2015
Now to fix this problem, We as society have to teach kids about defense. Defense in life, defense in sports, defense with finances, and defense with their own personal beliefs. It’s synonymous with each other. Not only that, but kids don’t want to play defense because it’s hard. It’s not fun. It doesn’t get you on the highlight tape. It doesnt get you the girl that you want or the boy that you’ve been chasing. Imagine that it took Lebron pinning Andre Igudola’s shot against the backboard in game & of the 2016 NBA finals to have children talking about defense. What about the whole Cavs team, clamping down on the Splash Bros? defense is the ultimate team effort. If Justin Timberlake a decade ago brought sexy back (hahaha The Purple One would disagree) you think LeBron James james will bring defense back because of that block? We are a copy cat society. Monkey see monkey do. Its human nature. I get it.
Another thing is for basketball players both collegiate mens and women coming into the L. The offense will be there for you. Look at how many people couldnt shoot 3’s when they were a novice (Al Harrington I’m talking to you) The fadeaway, the free throws, the floaters, the lay ins etc. All that will be there for you. What’s not there for you is learning great fundamentally sound defense. Denying the ball, getting your hands in the passing lanes, calling out screens, boxing out, learning your opponents weaknesses. How many times must we bare witness to flat-footed defense. Imagine if collegiate men and women worked on their defense, imagine how much more money and longevity they would make and have in their lives. Just by playing defense. And not just a stat stuffer defender. (Ahem Hassan Whiteside) To add-on I want to say that Damien Jones and Patrick McCaw of my Warriors please don’t worry about offense. We need you to be defenders, The offense is there for the taking.2016 Warriors Draft Picks
What we need to teach them is defense is a vital and glorious part of sports. Look at the 2001 Ravens. Usually its the quarterback who carries and rallies his team to the promise land. Nope. Sorry. All about defense that year. See how that is never the story that you want to hear. Fast forward to boxing. May-Pac fight. Some people paid a lot of money to watch a great fight. In their eyes a great fight consists of haymakers, jabs, taunting, dancing and showmanship. How many people do you know said it was a rip off? Well news flash that’s real boxing. Tiring your opponent out is a beautiful, calculated, orchestrated chess move. Oh that’s right, We don’t like chess. We like Call Of Duty and Madden though, right? Lets make defense alluring. Lets have a parade for all NBA Defensive 1st and 2nd teamers, or MLB Golden Glove winners or NFL tackle leaders or collegiate Women’s defensive player of the year awards. Lets stop making these huge accomplishments minimal and celebrate these great feats not only for the men and women who are sacrificing their bodies for our entertainment but let’s do it for kids. We teach them how to defend themselves as a society we will be in good hands. Why do you think Draymond Green got his $85 million dollar deal? Defense.
In conclusion I hope that me and my conspiracy theories on things help you understand where I am coming from. I hope you enjoy our articles, even if you disagree with everything we say.
Defended by a vanguard



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