Tareau’s Top 10 Jerseys in MLB History

Yawn, you say? Not another top 10 list! You betcha sweet butt another top 10 list, Damm right. This time it’s for baseball so let’s go

Screenshot_20160627-16491710. The 1998 Inaugural season home Unis. I love the graphics of the sting Ray on the front.

Screenshot_20160627-1635449. The 1978 Montreal Expos Road Unis.  I loved that it looks like the 70s. Just weird  and colorful. Screenshot_20160627-163059.jpg8. The 1983 Chicago White Sox Home Unis. I was born in those year and plus who wouldn’t want to wear a white Jersey that says “sox” on it

Screenshot_20160627-1700427. The Early 2000s New York Mets Alt Unis. Seeing Mike Piazza in these wish I was a Mets fan.

Screenshot_20160627-1637106. The 1969 Oakland A’s unis. Reggie Jackson at the A’s 2nd year in Oakland was a nice season. Surely you can agree on that Screenshot_20160627-170422.jpg5. The Florida Marlins 2002 Alt Unis. I had that hat with the black and Carolina blue Nike uptempo.

Screenshot_20160627-1626334. The 1983-94 Home Giants Unis. I’m no traitor or anything. I do love our Unis I’m just tired of looking at them. Hahahah

Screenshot_20160627-1639193. The 1994 Seattle Marlins away unis Tell me that purple didn’t look refreshing man. Griffey was always clean but these will make any germaphop dirty.

Screenshot_20160627-1643352. The 1976 Houston Astros Away. This one and the #1 Jersey has sentimental value to me. My first ever pack of baseball cards had this hologram in it. (Not the player above)Screenshot_20160627-1706251. The 1976 Pittsburgh Pirates unis. Lookie here man. Dave Parker is stunting and smoking like a G in this pic. That is classic triple OG status.

So there you have it. What do you think. Please share your thoughts.



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