Tareau’s Top 10 of disliked athletes while playing for a Bay Area team!

Keep in mind these are people who I just don’t like. It could be because of their haircut, On the field performance, Off court incidents etc. This is all in good fun so please don’t get your panties in a bunch. Sigh

randy moss

10. Randy Moss for the 2012 San Francisco 49ers. I’m not mad that he was old and should have retired in 2010 when he played just 3 games for the Tennessee Titans. No. I’m mad because he alligator armed the slightly errant pass from Shithead (as my mom calls him) Colin Kaepernick. Dude You’re 6ft 4in and you just nonchalantly jumped and didn’t even think to try with all seriousness to catch that pass. Instead it was intercepted by the Great Ed Reed. SMDH Randall.


9. Barry Zito. With the Giants from 2007-2013. A common phrase from me during this era was “Fuck Zito is pitching tonight. We about to get lit up!” It’s true. Zito was a shell of his Oakland days. One rumor was that the Giants brass didn’t permit him to go boogie boarding and surfing.  Another rumor was he had too much pressure from that massive contract he signed with us. 63-80 while in a Giants Uniform with only one good Career W-L record in 2012.

ricky waters.jpg

8. Ricky Watters San Francisco 49ers 1991-1994. Yea some of you guys like Ricky. Not me. He fumbled a lot. Yea it’s common for tail backs to fumble but he was, I mean he, I just didn’t like him ok. LMAO


7. Erick Dampier Golden State Warrior 1997-2004. If you knew me in the late 90’s and early 2000’s I couldn’t stand this dude. He was the epitome of compost. Whether if It was being on the receiving end of many posters in the NBA, to proclaiming that he was the 2nd best center in the NBA behind Shaq, to mugging me in the Westfield shopping mall in 2002, to his contract year in 04 (12.3ppg 12reb 1.9blk) I was so happy when we traded this waste of space


6. Mike Dunleavy Jr. Golden State Warriors 2003-2007. Just look at Dunleavy in this picture. That should sum up his softness right then and there. Drinking White Zin, or Moscatto before a game (ignorance much) Amare Stoudamire went 9th in 2002. Ugh. And this dude went #3.Granted 2002 wasn’t a strong draft class and Dunleavy is still playing. But screw that. We picked Dunleavy over Drew Gooden, Nene, Chris Wilcox, Caron Butler, Amare Stoudamire, Tayshaun Prince and Carlos Boozer. In a year where we needed toughness we went the other direction to get a spot up shooter. Dunleavy didn’t even have that good of a jump shot. I like him now with the Chicago Bulls but man, when he was with the Warriors, “No way Jose.”


5. Jamarcus Russell Oakland Raiders 2007-2009. Yea Mr.”Lets get Hyphy in East Oakland.” Jamarcus was not fit to be picked Number one. At least Alex Smith is on a winning team now and has proven himself as a solid, game managing QB. Jamarcus just didn’t have any will to get better. He was one of the reasons why the NFL was briefly locked out. Due to Rookies getting all that guaranteed money. What a waste, right?


4. Colin Kaepernick San Francisco 49ers 2011-present. For me I am thankful for the 2012 season, when he willed us through the playoffs. The 181 rushing yards against Green Bay was god like. But this dude is a douchebag straight up.(or as my mom calls him SHITHEAD) He is not humble, he can’t throw, he cant read defenses, he is on social media too much, and he doesn’t lead. Funny thing is, once our defense got depleted, Colin got exposed. He sells tickets due to his “CONNECTIONS” with the younger fans but shit, man you need to be studying the playbook . Go flex that!


3. Aaron Rowand San Francisco Giants 2008-2011. His batting stance was the worst in MLB History. He looked like he had a stick up his ass and he did not live up to the expectations. During his 11 year career he had career lows in Batting Average, stolen bases, On Base percentage, and Slugging percentage. I was so mad that he got a ring with us in 2010. (He had one prior with the white sox)

NFC Championship - New York Giants v San Francisco 49ers
during the NFC Championship Game at Candlestick Park on January 22, 2012 in San Francisco, California.

2 Kyle Williams San Francisco 49ers 2010-2013. This fool not only cost us a super bowl trip, he actually won one with the Denver Broncos this past year. Most known for dropping fumbles and being injured.


1. Andrew Bogut Golden State Warriors 2012-Present. Just soft. When we had Jermaine Oneal in the 2013/14 season, He would often finish the games over the $12 million dollar a year Andrew Bogut. Was it foul trouble? No? Was it rest? No. Bogut is slow and is lacks intestinal fortitude. No will. Also injury prone and soft. He might get a weak side block here or there but you are 7ft tall. You are supposed to do that. I just hope the Golden State Warriors are happy for contributing to the Australian’s Highest paid athlete of all time. SMDH


Go ahead and laugh now. I’m a very petty man but at least I can own it. WHo would you put on this list? Please share your thoughts



  1. What’s up Tareau?
    Ruthless, I meant Lady G here!
    Just wanted to say that I don’t know a daggum thing about sports but that meme is one of my favorites of all time.
    I can’t tell you how many times I have told somebody that I wanted “All the bad things in life to happen to you and only you.”
    That shit is funny as hell!

    Liked by 1 person

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