Twisted Conspiracy Theories Part 1 A look into Tareau Barron’s Sports theories

Yes I have them. There are alot of them regarding sports. Whether if you believe in a higher being having an effect on sports, karma, or just fate or destiny, many sports fans have conspiracy theories about why certain things happen. I am no different. For example: it’s just fantasy. I just have a hard time transitioning from fantasy to real life with sports. This article is about oddities and just plain weirdness from random times in my life.

Conspiracy #1 The 1989 World Series.earthquakeas.jpg

If you are a bay area native you know all about earthquakes. San Francisco has 2 major fault lines.  (The San Andreas to the west and the Hayward to the east) You also know that California is what we Geologists call “the ring of fire” Furthermore you might remember 10/17/89 at 504pm. That was when the Loma Prieta earth quake struck, just minutes away from Game 3 of the World Series. The Oakland A’s and My beloved San Francisco Giants were battling it out for the title. Well not really a battle. If you recall the A’s were manhandling the Giants. Games 1 and 2 were played in Oakland and the A’s won both of those games. My twisted theory is that the A’s caused the earthquake because they knew we were about to come back and win. Dam you Dave Stewart. Dam Rickey Henderson. Dam you Bash Bros. The A’s ended up sweeping us to win their 9th (and latest) world series championship.

Conspiracy #2. 2002 The bay areas wins.

2002 was a crazy year for bay area sorts teams. The Stanford women’s basketball team went an impressive 32-3 (18-0 in regular season). Before losing in the 2nd round of March Madness ,The Ladies were undefeated. The whole nation had them as favorites to win it all. What. They lost. Yea man they sure did.

Writer’s note to reader. This photo is not the 2002 team. This is the 2009 team. I was unable to find any photos of that team in 2002. Sorry for the confusion.

What else happened that year? The 2002 49ers lost in the 1st round of the playoffs to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, The 2002 Raiders lost in the Superbowl to that same Tampa Bay Buccanears team. Hmmmm. What else happened that year? Warrior’s rookie Jason Richardson won his 1st NBA dunk contest at the all-star weekend in Philadelphia. The 2002 Oakland A’s were the favorites to win the World Series that year. Putting up a remarkable 103-59 win season and mounting a 20 game winning streak late in the season, the A’s were on fire. They faced the Minnesota Twins in the 1st round and lost. Their bay area counter rivals the San Francisco Giants would go on and make it to the Fall Classic that year. Only to lose in 7 games to the dam rally monkey  (whoops) The L.A. Angels. We were up 5-0 and Russ Ortiz gave up 2 hits and that’s when Dusty Baker decided to pull him for Felix Rodriguez. The rest is History. The 2001/02 Warriors finished in last place that year. They were awarded the #3 pick in the up coming NBA draft and they selected, (long sigh) Mike Dunleavy. The 2001/02 Sacramento Kings, was probably the best Kings team in their history. Finishing 1st place in the west @61-21 the Kings faced their rivals the LA Lakers. The Lakers won in a great 7 game series thanks to an errant, Steven Anita Smith like tap by Vlade Divac. You know what happened next. Big shot Bob happened.


Conspiracy #3. The 2005 NFL & NBA Drafts. Utah winsuniversity-of-utah-2261

The 2005 San Francisco 49ers had the 1st Overall Pick in the Draft. With us Badly needing a lot of things, the quarterback position is what we wanted to start with. No thanks to Tom Rattay and Ken Dorsey the 49ers selected Alex Smith. In that same year the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks had the #1 pick as well. And they selected outlets of Utah, Andrew Bogut. The conspiracy here is that these 2 guys are in my top 10 of most hated bay area athletes. I think Utah did that on purpose. Now most people will blame the dysfunctional 49ers front office for the constant changes. I don’t mind I blame Alex Smith. No excuses. (Now I know he had no control over things, but in a lot of ways, I’m a petty, petty man) Andrew Bogut on the other hand never lived up to his potential. The NBA is a copycat leagues and with Yao Ming, Dirk Nowitski, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Nene, Steve Nash and a plethora of other players the NBA wanted another international star. Enter Andrew Bogut. Andrew Bogut had a few decent seasons with the Milwaukee Bucks. Leading the League in blocks and making an all nba 3rd team all in 2010, he never possessed beast like skills. Some may blame Amare Stoudamire for the demise of Bogut’s career at that point.

To be continued unless assassinated before my theory is comp



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