Chucking up da Deuce. Tareau’s Top 5 #2 Draft Busts in recent NBA History

No one wants to be #2. It just has a bad sound to it. Especially since most of us know what taking a “#2” is. Ewwww. It must be hard being the #2 pick in the draft. Just think about it for a second. Especially in this era of basketball where you are getting paid off of potential instead of actual production, #2 players in recent NBA memory has falling the fuck off. It’s taking them a long to develop, they are most likely journeymen, they haven’t really worked on their game. Most recent #2 overall players all had tremendous athleticism, offensive prowess, and the ability to compete at a high level. unfortunately they all seem to be the same player. Getting lost in the shuffle after year #2 or #3 and eventually getting traded. I’m serious you can replace most of these guys that are listed below and you wouldn’t notice a difference. If you are a general manager heading into a future NBA draft, you might want to consider trading your #2 overall pick. Per NBA.Com here is a list of recent #2 Draft picks in the past 36 years. With the exceptions of injuries and death. We have to look at and reflect on players who have been in the league 4+ years. All stats are courtesy of Basketball references

derrick williams

5. Derrick Williams. Career Stats: 9.3ppg 4.2rpg 0.7apg 0.5spg 0.3bpg. As you guys know I am not a stat guy but come on Derrick Williams, this is what we get for our hard-earned dollars. In 5 years your best year was your sophomore season where you averaged 12ppg. I’m not even gonna put your miserable other stats on there. Oh why? Because it’s the same as your career average. You haven’t shown us even flashes of brilliance. Just gonna go team to team. Get that money, pimp!


4. Darko Milicic Career Stats. 6ppg 4.2rbg 0.9apg 1.3bpg. This J-Cat was just uninterested in the game of basketball. From never wanting to get better, to being lazy, to Screwing Carmelo Anthony out of his only chance at getting a ring, Darko just didn’t want to play in the NBA. I can’t believe he’s made over $70 million dollars playing in the NBA. Long Sigh


3.Michael Beasley Career Stats 13ppg 1.3apg 4.8rpg. Can you believe that the argument during the 2008 draft was who to take #1. Derrick Rose or Michael Beasley. Beasley averaged 26ppg & 12.5rpg in college. tremendous upside. Dude started out on the wrong path. Nevermind his off the court issues but on the court he had a dumb basketball IQ. His best year came in the 2010/11 season with Minnesota where he avg 19.2ppg 5.2rpg & 2.2apg. Beasley seemed lazy and high a lot of times. He could score on anyone at will but would settle for ill-advised jump shots.


2. Hasheem Thabeet career avg 2.2ppg 2.7rpg 0.8bpg. Wow. Just wow. Memphis was smoking some of that good shit with this one. Granted in college he was a defensive anchor but to waste a #2 on a gut who can’t bang with the ig dogs is pitiful. I guess James Harden, Ricky Rubio, Steph Curry, Demarre Derozon, Brandon Jennings, Taj Gibson, Jrue Holiday, Ty Lawson, Jeff Teague, and Darren Collison were uninteresting and boring to the Memphis Grizzlies, huh? (Get it because Thabeet was once labeled the most boringest NBA rookie) Nevermind over your head hahahaha.

Sam Bowie.jpg


1. Sam Bowie career avg 11ppg 1.8bpg 2.1apg 7.5rpg. Granted, I kind of understand why the Portland Trailblazers did this. Drafting Clyde Drexler a year before in the 1983 draft, the Trailblazers felt like they didn’t need another shooting guard. Understand this isn’t like the 2009 Twolves drafting 2 mediocre point guards in their draft, or the recent Sacramento Kings drafting Ben Mclemore then the following year Nick Stauskas, No. This was franchise changing, economically changing and possible life changing decision. Len wasn’t a terrible player, just was an average guy who should have went 20th or something.


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2015 D’Angelo Russell
2014 Jabari Parker
2013 Victor Oladipo
2012 Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
2011 Derrick Williams
2010 Evan Turner
2009 Hasheem Thabeet
2008 Michael Beasley
2007 Kevin Durant
2006 LaMarcus Aldridge
2005 Marvin Williams
2004 Emeka Okafor
2003 Darko Milicic
2002 Jay Williams
2001 Tyson Chandler
2000 Stromile Swift
1999 Steve Francis
1998 Mike Bibby
1997 Keith Van Horn
1996 Marcus Camby
1995 Antonio McDyess
1994 Jason Kidd
1993 Shawn Bradley
1992 Alonzo Mourning
1991 Kenny Anderson
1990 Gary Payton
1989 Danny Ferry
1988 Rik Smits
1987 Armon Gilliam
1986 Len Bias
1985 Wayman Tisdale
1984 Sam Bowie
1983 Steve Stipanovich
1982 Terry Cummings
1981 Isiah Thomas
1980 Darrell Griffith

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