Really No Excuses Now


That’s right. That middle finger is exactly how I feel right now. Blasphemous! Heathen! You say. How dare those words utter from a life long Golden State Warriors fan. Well they just did. Kevin Durant has officially signed with the Golden State Warriors on July 4th 2016. My personal feeling is I don’t like it one bit. I feel like the Warriors were one role player away from having this formidable dynasty. The “built not bought” moniker. Now the Warriors are officially the Lakers of the past in todays NBA. Everyone wants to be a Warriors fan now. Venture Capitalists have insured that fans like 20160521_143754Tareau Barron and founder David Allen will be obsolete. (Or be fans from a far due to increased ticket pricing)

This move will definitely insure the Warriors being championship contenders for years to come. But wait. Wasn’t we already contenders for years to come before KD? Yes we were.

Understanding that I am not mad at KD. No not at all. The man spent his (rookie year) as the face of the Seattle Supersonics. And his remaining career being the face of the OKC Thunder. Numerous amounts of commercials, donations, charities, surgeries, adversities, technical fouls, disappointments, etc. Kevin Durant loves OKC. OKC loves KD. But economically OKC can’t compete with Silicon Valley and the off the court financial opportunities for KD. Russell Westbrook and KD were a great duel to watch. Excellent teammates. Brothers in Arms in OKC. Their problem was at times it was just those 2. And when 2 brothers are alpha dogs, they will clash. This was proven correct during this past seasons Western Conference Finals. We all know the story: OKC took a commanding 3-1 lead against us, and they couldn’t close the deal. KD and Russ played hero ball in clutch moments and it caused them on the court friction. I think it was evident that the OKC Thunder would break up. I just didn’t think it would be this year.

Now I’m not saying that the Warriors will not be great. Of course they will. Duh they are now title favorites for the next 5 years or so. But in my mind. In my twisted little head. I didn’t want it like this. I didn’t want the Golden State Warriors to turn into the Lakers of past, or the New York Yankees. I wanted us to build young players and let them grow before writing them off. I wanted us to get back to the basics. Making the right play instead of the homerun play. I wanted us to be a tough team. I wanted us to show the rest of the league that we can tough it out. But we took the easy way out. We officially have 4 of the top 10 players in the league now. There is literally no excuse now. I just didn’t want bandwagon nation to get bigger. We needed to feel this lost and really let this epic collapse sink in. It needed to burn and to fester to the point where Klay Thompson will say “Never again will I take an I’ll advised 3″ or for Steph Curry to say ” Never again will I play soft and scared” That’s what a lost does to a team. Yes we are better. Yes all this extra shit on top of the extra shit last year will be scrutinized on steroids. But it’s the easy way out. Really easy. This will be a video game NBA Live NBA 2k, playing with the Allstar team against the 98 clippers type of deal now. Maybe I am a bit jealous because I had to struggle as a fan for our 2015 NBA title. Maybe I am jealous because these bandwagon fans have it so easy. Maybe I’m jealous because I can’t enjoy the greatness of our team and live in the moments without constant future comparisons. Maybe? Shit I am! I am really jealous. The Warriors growing up represented to me struggle and togetherness. Not this team.



Now that my hissy fit is over with I would like to commend “The Logo” Jerry West for his persistence. Mr. West spoke like a true pioneer of the game to KD during this process. Yes everyone knows about KD’s scoring prowess but as Mr. West stated “He is and underrated rebounder.” It’s true. Golden State needs rebounding too. I am also happy that Andrew Bogut’s punk ass will be gone and that Harrison Barnes and his average self will be in Dallas. I hope we resign Festus but we wont. He will be a unrestricted free agent because as of right now the Warriors rescinded their offer, making Festus an Unrestricted Free Agent. I hope James McAdoo comes back along with Ian Clark. I conclude by saying this… AT A TIME WHERE WE NEEDED TO BE HUMBLED, ALL IS FORGIVEN NOW. BANDWAGON MANIA WILL REACH EPIC PROPORTIONS. THE WARRIORS WILL WIN AND ALL WILL BE FORGIVEN TO THE NOOB’S OF WARRIORS FAN. NOT HERE. THECOUCHSPORTS.COM WILL REMEMBER THE 2016 FINALS AND HOW THE TEAM GOT EXPOSED THROUGHOUT THE POST SEASON. WE WILL REMEMBER BECAUSE WE WILL ALWAYS BE HURT BY OUR 1ST LOVE WHEN THEY TREAT US WRONGLY


Check back to for more unfiltered updates, thoughts, and some real fans talking that real shit.



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