Tareau’s Top 10 Sports Movies

Oh wtf? You can’t let us rest man? You got another list? You are so annoying. Yes. Yes I am. Considering that you think I am annoying I’ll make my top ten list brief. (My audience had a short att…. Hey what’s this over here) KEEP IN Mind I’m not traditional so Rudy, basketball diaries, rocky and all those other “Great White Hope” type of movies won’t be on here


10. Space Jam. Yes this movie was classic because of the doctors sexual innuendo with Patrick Ewing that no one seems to remember. Hahahahhaha look it up. But that’s the only thing that was classic about this movie. Uh huh. Yep.


9. Rookie of the year. Lmfao the fact that this is Thomas Ian Nicholas is not whats funny. Whats funny is you might only know him as Kevin from American Pie. “Pitchers got a big butt.” “Rafinboozer”


8. Creed. Now you might ask, “Wait, no Rocky movies?” Hell no this is my list. I loved this movie, it made me want to play fight night. Plus I was too young for Rocky. That JAWN.



7. The Little Giants. Fuck man who doesn’t love Ed O’Neil as a jerk. This is the classic underdog story but with a corny twist. Icebox was the shit though, right? That go kart they had was clean as fuck.Screenshot_20160705-184546



6. The remake of Bad news Bears. Awww yes Assholeness at its finest. Billy Bob Thornton is probably one of the greatest actors in American history. This and bad Santa was probably not even work for him.


5. Blue Chips. Cmon man, Shaq, Nick Nolte, Penny, Ed O’Neil who didn’t love blue chips? “Did you shave points, Tony?” I love how it gives you a first hand look at college recruiting of athletes.


4. Sunset Park. It’s time to get live. It’s time to represent. Sunset Park what time is it. Terrence Howard as space man and Fredro Starr as the lead with Rhea Pearlmen.



3. Coach Carter. This movie was 98% accurate. Being from the Bay area, there is no way some cats from square ass Pinole would ever utter “Bitch men from Richmond.” This movie hits close to home because my high school would play the oilers in preseason in the late 90s. Too bad they would run us. Man this team was good. Fun fact I got a “T” in warm ups for dunking. Check the tape November 2000. Hahahhaha.


2. White Men Can’t Jump. This movie is the reason why I wanted to go to Venice Beach and play basketball. To me it symbolized that you made it. Woody Harrison and Wesley Snipes were the perfect Yin &Yang. (No race joke either) Woody Harrison plays the perfect role in this too.


1. Above the Rim. 2pac, Marlon Wayans, Duane Martin, Bernie Mac, Leon, Wood Harris. This cast was nice, the soundtrack was nice, the jokes were nice, the feeling was just right, and yes even the girl that Kyle Watson kissed was nice. This is probably a pivotal movie in American Sports Basketball culture. Hip hop had officially invaded the house hold brand name and 20+ years later, it’s still kicking ass.

Please tell us your feedback. We appreciate your views and feedback. Deuces





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