Tareau’s Top 10 sporting video games

Ahh yes who doesn’t love a stupid top 10 list? I do. And I believe that you secretly do as well. It’s your pet peeve. Your guilty pleasure. It’s ok, your secret is safe with me. As long as you don’t tell the reader about that time I bought some Zimas. SHHHH. Hahhahahaha Below is my 10 favorite Sporting Video games. Please EnjoyTecmo Super Bowl

10. Tecmo Super Bowl. SNES 1991. This game to me was a little better than Tecmo Bowl because if you pressed x, it would do a QB dive and the defense would try to stuff you in mid air.r-b-i-baseball-2-03

9. RBI Baseball #2 Sega Genesis 1989. I loved playing this on my cousins black and white tv. When you hit the ball in the air, sometimes the sound barrier (on the game) would crack. Plus the cheesy ass music too.madden-ambulance-2

8. NFL Madden 92 Sega Genesis 1991. Yes, Yes, and Fuck Yes. Running the “Half back option” Play and hitting someone so hard that the ambulance would knock everyone over to pick them up.nba_live95_screenshot1.jpg

7. NBA Live 95. 1995. Sega Genesis. What ya’ll now about putting “REFLOG” in at the player name screen and playing Golf (get it golfer backwards) Man remember the NBA announcer saying “THREE” every time you made a 3. Or what about pushing everyone and fouling them. Ahhh good ole man basketball. also back then, on the bulls, Michael Jordan was either player 88 or player 89.


6. NBA Shootout 98. PS1. Man this game brought me back to the Potrero Hill projects. This was the only sports game I had in 1998. My god brother would always be the Cavs and his starting line up would be: Center Zydrunas Ilgauskas, 4. Shawn Kemp, 3. Cedrick Henderson, 2. Derek Anderson, 1. Terrell Brandon. And he would kill me. This game probably had some of the best dunks. Windmills with proper mechanics. (He’s heating up. Trifecta)


5. NBA Jam Sega Genesis.1993. I still remember the code to get Air dog, Bill Clinton, and unlimited fire. Man NBA Jam took trash talking in video games to a whole nother’ other level. Is it the shoes? Remember breaking the backboard? Ahh man the good ole days.NFL Blitz

4.NFL Blitz.PS1. 1998 Now this game provided hours of great entertainment. You literally had to Strategize on how to beat people because of the tackling format. Team to be was the Buccaneers

NFL 2k5

3. ESPN NFL 2k5. 2004. PS2. Man this is why the NFL is hella extra weak. This was probably one of the greatest football games known to man kind, and it only cost $20. The “Charge” was rival to Maddens “Hit Stick” but this game had a real franchise mode and you can even put your defensive linemen on diets. Talk about real life. Best thing to do was do a fantasy draft but only get the best defensive players. I would get a weak ass QB like Cliff Kingsbury. LMFAO


2. WCW/Now Revenge. 1998. N64. Lmfao, show of hands if you first got high or drunk while playing this as an adolescent teenager? Man this game was classic. The battle royale would ensure several hours of male bonding. Also remember how sting used to come into the ring with a chair, with his cheating ass? WWF released WrestleMania 64 in 2000 that had the same gameplay, just the characters and names were different. Even though I’m A WWF man over WCW, This game was legendary


1. NBA Live 2003. 2003. PS2. The reason why this one is my favorite sporting game of all-time and not recent installments of 2k, is because of 2 words: Freestyle Movement! This was the 1st game where you didn’t have to press a button to do a cross over or spin move. The graphics were on point and was also the 1st game where you had a vast selection of Jerseys to wear. Man good ole 2003 style. Get your throwback, headband, 2 toned doo rag, Timberland boots, wristbands, NBA hat and your NBA Patch racing jacket and you were set. See below


So I do have to mention, this list was tough. Madden 2005 and NBA Hangtime were left off the list. Madden 05 was the introduction of the “hit stick” and “truck stick” which was real fun. NBA Hangtime was surreal. I used to love being Joe Smith And Spreewell. So here we are at the end of another list. Till next time GENTLEMEN IF YOU JOIN ME IN THE PARLOR, WE WOULD BE HAVING WHITE CAKE!”



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