Whats the BIG DEAL???

               It’s no difference then someone leaving their previous employer for a better opportunity… Hell I have and I’ve been here 3 years now. But then again, I’m not Kevin Durant. I’m not a former MVP or scoring champ. No this isn’t NBA 2k My Player, it doesn’t count; even though I’ve been giving everyone the business all season long (yes im 99 in everything). This is real life and KD has decided to jump ship from a team, in my humble opinion, that wasn’t going to get any further then the Western Conference Finals in at least the next 4 seasons. Most teams that win out the West have to have 3 legit scoring options, i.e. Oakland Warriors: Curry, Thompson, Green and a 4th and 5th option when their big 3 aren’t scoring; i.e. Iggy, Barnes, Speights or even Barbosa. With OKC you just didn’t have that. And I for one don’t blame KD for letting the richer get richer. You know, like the Boston Celtics who made the playoffs but through trade had a top 5 pick in this year’s draft taking Jaylin Brown (go bears). Or what about when 2 hall of fame guys named Gary Payton and Karl Malone joined Kobe and Shaq in a chase for a ring… Lakers fans sure wasn’t mad about that one. Yes I remember being pissed thinking they would for sure get that 2004 ring, I mean they did make the Finals taking a L to the Pistons. How about when Shaq joined Lebron in Cleveland, Pippen joined the Rockets, Barkley went to the Suns… yeah I’ll wait…. What’s the big deal???
Oh wait, let me think… Maybe the W’s have the best chance at winning the next 2 or 3 championships Ok I’m being modest, maybe 5 out of the next 6 or 7 just to stay humble about things. Depending on the bench that’s surrounding the starting 5 and the team ball the team plays this entire season will be epic. Now all we need is to see what is everyone else going to do? What’s the league going to do? Yes the same NBA that stopped Chris Paul from joining the Lakers, the same NBA that locked its players out so the collective barging agreement could prevent “super teams” so I guess that’s the big deal I’m searching for. But because I’m a forward thinking person this team may not last long and I’ll tell you why….
Curry’s contract will be up soon and there’s no way he’s not going to be a max player. You also have contracts rising for Klay and Draymond so where will KD fit? He’s only signed for 2 years and I’m sure some way they will bring him back for 2 more since that seems the be the thing in the NBA now days. I mean I remember Mike Jordan singing 2 consecutive 1 year contracts for 30 million in the late 90’s. Let’s say after winning 2 rings he’s going to want to get paid at some point. So all dub fans we better enjoy every moment for these next 2 seasons. I know I am!!!


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