Twisted Conspiracy Theories Part 2: A look into Tareau Barron’s Sports theories. Baron Davis vs. Don Nelson

Well as you can see, I survived an eerie time. Conspiracy Theorists alike will flock to debate this great bay area folklores. Bahahahahahahahahaah.


Conspiracy Theory No. 5. Baron Davis costs the Warriors its 2nd consecutive playoff berth.

Ahhhhh. Yes the we believe era. One of the most profound times to be a Golden State Warriors fan. Prior to the start of the 2007/08 season, the Warriors were making history. They became just the 3rd 8th seeded team at the time (there are 4 teams now to accomplish said feat) to knock off a No 1. seed. The Warriors of the 06/07 Season would eventually lose to the Utah Jazz in 5 games. (Thanks to Mickael Pietrus’ dumbass)

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The 2007 off-season was one of the worst times for me. Dumbass Chris Mullin traded Jason Richardson away on 6/28/07 for fucking Brandan Wright. I still don’t understand this trade till this day. How do you trade the heart and soul of the team at the time, for an unproven rookie? Especially after having an epic 06/07 season. Chris Mullin did alot of dumb shit as a gm, but this was probably the most ignorant. Long siggghhhhh. We also drafted Marco Belineli who proved to be a solid asset at the wing that offseason.  Free Agents for the summer of the 2007 offseason included Matt Barnes, Adonal Foyle, Zarko Carbakaba, Kelenna Azubuke, Josh Powell, & Sarunas Jasikevicius. Barnes and Azubuke resigned, Josh Powell signed with the Clippers, Foyle signed with the Magic, Carbakaba went back to his home country (Serbia), and Jasikevicius was eventually bought out in September 2007 afterwards he returned to Europe to finish his career. The only imported free agent signing during the offseason was Austin Croshere. CJ Watson earned a spot, due to Baron Davis getting injured in Jan 08. A hand full of signings along the way. Chris Webber, Troy Hudson and Kosta Perovic all played a combine 25 games. The Warriors also manage to finish with 3 players averaging 20+ ppg, Monta Ellis, Baron Davis, & Stephen Jackson. Remember also Stephen Jackson was suspended the first 7 games for shooting his pistol in the air during a fight. Now you wonder with this constructed roster, great coach and winning record, what happened. Oh I’ll tell you.


There were reports of friction between Baron Davis and head coach Don Nelson. Don Nelson and his Nellie ball of play resurrected the Warriors, however word of intense practices and constant bickering amongst our star point guard and hall of fame coach were more than just rumor. Also we can not ignore the fact that Baron Davis (my 3rd all time Warrior ever) was going to opt out of his player option in the upcoming off-season to make him an unrestricted free agent. If he would have opted in, The Warriors would of have to pay him around $17 million dollars for the 2008-09 season. Money aside, the Warriors fell apart towards the end of that mighty season. The Warriors lost a pivotal game against the eventual 8th seed the Denver Nuggets on 4/10/08. The Nuggets Win, would ensure that they had the winning record over the Warriors that year 3 games to 1. Also note that after that game the Nuggets record would be 48-31. The Warriors record: 47-32. The Warriors still had a chance however. Needing to win out all of its games. Unfortunately we fell 2 games short of that 8th seed. The Nuggets finished 50-32 that year. The Warriors finished the month of April 2008, 3-6. On 4/14/08, Baron Davis allegedly came to the game hung over or drunk. Baron, was known for being injured and the Warriors brass spun stories to the media that he had a minor injury. But us die hards know what really happen. Baron went out to party the night before here in FRISCO, and Don Nelson wasn’t having it. The Warriors would lose that night to Phoenix in which Baron only played 17 minutes. Totaling 7pts, 2/13 from the field (15.4%), 1 reb, 3 assists. WTF????? Baron Davis who was just dubbed “Mini Magic Johnson” a year ago, playing this poorly. HMMMMMMMMM WTF happened.? The last game of that season was against the then Seattle Supersonics which was led by the rookie sensation (and current Warrior) Kevin Durant. KD manhandle the Warriors with 42pts, 13,reb, 6ast, 1 stl, and 2blks.



Wow what a conspiracy right? But check this out…

On July 1st 2008, Baron Davis would sign a 5 year $65 million dollar deal with the Clippers, in anticipation to play with Elton Brand. Elton Brand Had Signed a huge contract to play with the 76ers. In the ultimate LMFAO moment, Elton Brand opted out of his final year of his contract (Rumors to give the Clippers some salary cap flexibility) and on July 8th, he signed a 5 year $82 million dollar deal with the 76ers. HMMMMMMMMM. How about this as well:

On July 10th, 2008, Former Clippers forward Corey Maggette signed a 5 year $50 million dollar deal with the Warriors. WHHHHAATTTTT??? Yea. Essentially we traded players. Maggette for Davis. No if you are still trying to ponder the conspiracy, it’s that I think Baron Davis intentionally screwed over the Warriors for Hollywood. I am still mad at Baron for this, But I overstand completely why he did it.


Till next times peace, love and soul.


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