Jim Harbaugh’s Death Grip on The 49ers: The Rise and Fall of Jim Harbaugh pt 3

The year is 2013. And the San Francisco 49ers just lost their 6th Super Bowl. Emotions are running high in San Francisco. So much hatred for different reasons. For Kaepernick. For Harbaugh. For Randy Moss. For the Entire Secondary for getting lit up. Whole lot of blame to go around. Honestly, A lot of bandwagon 49ers fans, jinxed us. Just because we were 5-0 in Superbowls prior, does not mean anything at all. When you win all the time, you get spoiled. I get it. But what happens is you underestimate your opponent. And that’s what happened at the Superbowl. Jim’s team underestimated his brothers’ Johns team.  Nonetheless, the San Francisco 49ers would be favorites to win the next superbowl, right? I mean Ray Lewis retired, Ed Reed was on a decline, The 49ers traded for the Ravens best Receiver Anquan Boldin. Everyone just knew the 49ers would win the next superbowl. Well the Seattle Seahawks might have something to say about that. Before we get there, lets back track with Drafts, Free Agents blah blah blah. But 1st let’s go through Aldon Smith’s Criminal charges just for shits and giggles:


1/28/12: DUI in Miami Fl

6/30/12: Stabbed at a house party in San Jose Ca.

9/20/13: Hit and Run DUI

10/9/13:Charged with 3 felony counts of illegal possession of assault weapons relating from the Stabbing @ his house

4/13/14: Arrested for being belligerent @ LAX and saying he had a bomb

8/6/15: 2nd Hit and Run DUI.

So in the 2013 off-season, the 49ers were very busy. They had a solid draft and picked up a few Free Agents. Also some key departures. Here’s a recap of their offseason

1st Round 18th overall FS Eric Reid

2nd Round 4oth overall DE Cornellius “Tank” Carradine

2nd Round 55th overall TE Vance McDonald

3rd Round 88th Overall OLB Corey Lemonier

4th Round 128th Overall WR Quinton Patton

4th Round 131st Overall RB Marcus Lattimore

4th Round 157th Overall DT Quinton Dial

6th Round 180th Overall ILB Nick Moody

7th Round 237th Overall QB BJ Daniels

7th Round 246th Overall T Carter Bykowski

7th Round 252nd Overall CB Marcus Cooper

Now My favorite part. Where in the hell are they now. I love this segment;s fun but kind of useless at the same time. But you read it. HAHAHAHAH

Eric Reid, Tank Carridine, Vance McDonald, Quiton Patton, Quinton Dial, and Corey Lemonier are still on the roster. Some of them are even starting right now. Marcus Lattimore never recovered from injuries and went through controversy with the 49ers about his health and he actual retired. Moody, Daniels, Bykowski & Coolper has never played a single down for the 49ers in the regular season, and has moved on to other teams. Or are free agents, but do you give a shit??

Now as far as free agent signings: DT Glenn Dorsey, LB Dan Skuta, WR Joe Hastings, WR Marlon Moore, FS Craig Dahl, K Phil Dawson, CB Nnamdi Asomugha were all external Signings. Internally We resigned WR Mario Manningham,NT Ian Williams, and S Darcel McBath. As For loses we lose a lot of great players: FS Dashon Goldson, DL Ricky Jean Francois, NT Isaac Sopoaga, WR/PR Ted Ginn Jr, and OG Leonard Davis.

So you ask what went wrong? Underestimated our opponent went wrong. In Candlestick Parks last year (SOB I MISS YOU), some folks thought it was inevitable for San Francisco to win the Superbowl before the destruction of Candlestick. Honestly the 2013 season went great for us. The 49ers won their last 6 games, Including the finale at Candlestick Park against the Atlanta Falcons and finished the season 12-4. Having To play the playoffs on the road the 49ers showed no signs of losing. In fact, many Sports fans say that the “REAL” superbowl that year was the NFC championship game against our rivals, the Seattle Seahawks. The 49ers came out blazing. Punking Russell Wilson. Getting mean and Nasty. But remember Seattle and the “Legion of Boom,”, aint no punks. After being down 10, Seattle came back and rallied to a 20-17 lead. Navarro Bowman suffered one of the worst leg injuries you would ever see while watching sports and he should have his jersey retired for literally putting his career on the line for us. With San Francisco down and in position to win, Dumbass Colin Kaepernick tried to force in a pass to Michael Crabtree while he was doubled cover. The rest is history. Good ole Richard Sherman. Now there’s 3 things funny about this: 1. Richard Sherman’s Epic rant afterwards. I didn’t hate it at all, he did his job and Crabtree was being a bitch about shit, and well that’s what happens. Sac Up Mike. 2. Malcolm Smith came up with the interception. 3. The fact that Kaepernick as a starter has only beat the Seahawks once.richard


Now Harbaugh and Yorks dick swinging was evident and apparent. Players allegedly running behind Harbaugh’s back, to complain was evident. Former players quoting that Kaepernick (which they are right) was not ready for the moment, or that he wasn’t a real leader, The off the field issues and lack of punishments for said issues and the under utilization of Frank Gore. The niners were dissolveing in front of our eyes, and Jim Harbaugh tended to not give 2 fucks about it. The locker room was in disarray and the once beloved franchise, had started to turn into a Jersey Shore escapade. What happened that year, Tareau? The Seahawks happened. The Seahawks were the more disciplined 49ers. And the 49ers had finally broke through the bad bearings Seattle gave them, with that 10-0 lead in that same NFC Championship game. I’m glad that the Superbowl sucked so bad that people who hated the 49ers and our fan based, gave us props for one of the most meme=orable NFC Championship game. Quote That.

Candlestick Park Demolition
A section of seating in center field still stands as demolition continues at Candlestick Park on Tuesday, June 2, 2015, in San Francisco. The park is being torn down so houses, a hotel and a shopping center can be built on the site of the former home of the San Francisco Giants baseball team and 49ers football team. The park opened more than 50 years ago and was known for its chilly conditions brought by whipping winds and fog from San Francisco Bay. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg)


Tune in next time for the final chapter, THE EXODUS OF HARBAUGH






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