NBA Top 5 Under 25

There is plenty of talent in the Association, everywhere  you look. As I touched on in my previous article, The Youth Movementthere is a power shift brewing. So, I put together a list for those in the loop, and those who need someone outside of their favorite team to watch out for. This is the first of two installments; there will also be a NFL list as well. Without further ado, The NBA Top 5 under 25:



5.Giannis Antetokounmpo


Whether you call him The Alphabet, The Greek Freak, or just call him Giannis, this man has taken the NBA by storm. The Greek Freak has  improved statistically every year since entering the Association:

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 10.29.31 AM[per]

At just 21 years old, the pace young Alphabet is on, he should be an Allstar & a household name by this time next year. Standing at 6’11 coach Jason Kidd is will be playing him at point guard, and dammit I can’t wait! He has the handle for it. Once that jumper develops the Bucks will take that leap to become not only playoff bound, but become a real force, because with that roster and his skill theres no reason not to be.


4. Victor Oladipo


Only 24 years young, but Fresh start, is what defines my number 4 pick. New team, better opportunity (for now), and the chance to become one of the more high scoring backcourts in the Association. Oladipo scored 16 points a game, for the Orlando Magic, that should shoot up to at least 23 ppg playing next to Russell Westbrook. Why? because with the departure of four time scoring champ, Kevin Durant; someone has to pick up the slack of scoring duties. Russ can’t do it alone and I’m sure Victor realizes this isn’t Orlando, and it sure as shit ain’t the East! For his size (6’4) Oladipo is a pretty good rebounder too (5 per), and exciting in the open floor, this will be his breakout year.


3. Devin Booker


At 19, Devin Booker is already in my humble opinion, the best player on the Suns roster. Yes they are guard heavy, however, the two players (Eric Bledsoe & Brandon Knight)  Phoenix traded for to turn the franchise around, are often injured. So, the responsibility of turning that ship around falls on young Booker. I think he’s ready. Hell, the Suns sent him to represent the franchise in the NBA draft lottery, if thats not telling I don’t know what is. Devon held his own against Klay and Steph in this years three point shootout, and he’s 6-6 so he can play multiple positions. The Suns will be ok as long as they surround Devin with the right talent.


2. Anthony Davis


Look at this stat line: 24 points, 10 rebounds, and 2 blocks per game. That’s production. Personally I feel Davis could average at least 15 rebounds per game, but he only played in 61 games last season. Plus with the Pelicans brass not surrounding AD with talent, he isn’t always in position to do better statistically. At Just 23, Anthony Davis is one of the top 5 players in the NBA today. He’s definitely the second best Center/ Power Forward. The Brow  is finally getting a little, with the Pelicans drafting Buddy Heild, so maybe things will be looking up in New Orleans. Stay tuned


1. DeMarcus Cousins


Hands down the best Center/Power Forward in the league. Maybe the most under appreciated athlete in the Association. DeMarcus has the handle of a Guard, the driving skill of a forward, and he’s quicker and faster than every other big man in the league. The Sacramento Kings need to surround this man with talented players fast, or risk losing him. I’m already apart of the #FreeBoogie movement. Well actually, I’m not just a client, I’m the president! Last season Cousins averaged 27 points per game, 11 rebounds, 3 assist, and a block! Debate me… fight me if you don’t agree that he needs to be not only on a functional organization, but on a contender. He’s 25, and can’t waste his prime losing. With that said #FreeBoogie.


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