Reflection of My Childhood Pt. 1

The 89 quake was a huge part of my life. Even though several of lives were lost and billions of dollars in damages were estimated, it was synonymous with a childhood in San Francisco. That’s why I chose this iconic picture for this topic. We all have those moments in life, where we really miss our childhood. I am no different. For good or for bad. Some of the things I had. Some of the things I wish I had. Some of the things I wish I had more of. Some are funny. Some are sad. Some are real. This is just a random list.  Please Enjoy.



1. A real father.

I had a step father/uncle. Meh! But for the most part I wished any TV dad was my dad. From Al Bundy to Carl Winslow to Uncle Phil to Danny Tanner. Those were my positive images of a father. You look for father figures from older men as a child


2. Toy cap guns.

Sigh. Long Sigh. You can not play with these today at all. For obvious reasons, right? I had one just like he one in the picture above. Remember the smell of the caps after they exploded in the gun.


3. The Muni bus 42 downtown loop. Gold.

Yeah why would you put a bus one here. This bus was the fastest way to get from my house to downtown. Before the F line street car was the 32 Embarcadero. But the 32 was slow. The 42 ran every 15 mins and would fly down Battery st. Man I miss this bus.


4. All of the Power Rangers

OK truth time. I didn’t stop playing with toys till I was like 15. I loved playing with toys. Out of those 7 power Rangers I didn’t have Billy the Blue Ranger because he was a nerd and the Tommy’s White Ranger. I used to take the Dragon Shield and put it in Zack, the Black Ranger because, well he was Black.


5. The Green Rangers Dragon Dagger.

Yes since we are on Power Rangers, I hell of wish I had this. Shit was really expensive but you would have had mad cool points if you brought this to school.


6. The train from Silverspoons

Awww yes. Good ole Ricky Schroeder, Joel Higgins, Erin Gray and Alfonso Ribeiro. I used to love seeing the train come back from outside. Just think how cool that was. He had a friggin train in the living room.


7. Super Soaker 200.

This was the first thing I ever bought with my own money. I would wash cars or go to Safeway for the senior citizens for $5. I was only 9 years old. Man I miss those days.


8. Tiger Electronic football

Man this was so much fun. It was only $14.99 at Woolworths and I remember when my mommy got it for me. She got mad because the annoying sound. Hahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaauhaua.


9. The Original Ninja Turtles and accessories

The Turtle Blimp, The Technodrome, The Subterranean Drills, Baxter Stockman, The Neutrinos, Super Shredder, Tokka, Rocksteady, Bebop (Lmfao Bebop was a brotha) I had so many Ninja Turtles. Remember the Collector Cards on the back?



10. The official WWF ring

Man Dave and myself would spend hours playing this. I would bring my WWF action figures and he would have those crappy WCW action figures(you remember those. They were bendy. I’m talking bout you, Arn Anderson) The best Battle Royale came in 1992 when we broke stretch Armstrong and we got in trouble. Chrome dome from ninja turtles, that brown battletoad, and a few GI Joe’s lost some limbs that day.

Don’t worry. I am not finished. There will be several to annoy you. Keep in mind that I was born in 1983. The first toy I remember was a StarScream Transformer.






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