The Exodus Of Jim Harbaugh

Awwww yes. Harbaugh’s Last Hurray. In what was supposed to be a great time in 49ers lore, The 2014 season was anything but. It was a disaster. And it started with the anticipated move from Candlestick Park to that stadium down there (Levi’s Stadium). The $1 billion dollar bauble was inevitably supposed to bring a Superbowl to the 49ers. Wrooooooonnnngggg. Wrong on so many levels. For those of you who don’t know, a majority of the 49ers fans who attend games, do come from the south bay. Yes I’ll admit that all day. I’m no dummy. Silicon Valley is where the 49ers headquarters is located, so why not build a stadium next door? Free WiFi? An app to track your food order? State of the art sound? A button to have food delivered to your seat? Get the fuck out of here with that man. That alone is the reason why I will never pay to go to that stadium  (*Editors note, in 2015 I did get a free tour of the stadium courtesy of my brother*). Not to mention the boondoggle that is known as PARKING around the stadium. Someone dropped the ball on that one. Now that the pizzazz is out-of-the-way, let’s focus on what went wrong? (Besides dumb ass season ticket holders complaining of hot weather at the games. News flash San Francisco has a different climate than Santa Clara. Sigh will anyone do research these days?)

Ahhhhh yes the 2014 San Francisco 49ers. Kaepernick was supposed to lead us to the promise land, right? Hahahahaha we finished last on passing yards that year thanks to dumbass. Our defense was still solid, despite injuries we led the led in interceptions. We finished 8-8 in the 2014 season, and Colin Kaepernick should take 85% of the blame, if he ever sack up and admit it. Let’s start with the 2014 Draft/Losses and Signings, Shall we?

1st round 30th Pick SS Jimmie Ward
2nd round 57th Pick RB Carlos Hyde
3rd round 70th Pick C Marcus Martin
3rd round 77th Pick LB Chris Borland
3rd round 100th Pick OT Brandon Thomas
4th round 129th CB Dontae Johnson
5th round 150th OLB Aaron Lynch
5th round  170th CB Keith Reaser
6th round 180th CB Kenneth Acker
7th round 243rd DT Kaleb Ramsey
7th round 245th FB Trey Millard

Key Additions that year
SS Antoine Bethea
CB Chris Cook
QB Blaine Gabbert
OT Johnathan Martin
WR Stevie Johnson
LB Blake Costanzo

Key Loses
WR Brandon Lloyd Retired
RB Marcus Lattimore Retired
CB Eric Wright Retired
CB Carlos Rogers Released
SS Dontae Whitner Signed with the Browns
CB Tarell Brown Signed with the Raiders
RB Anthony Dixon Signed with the Bills
WR Mario Manningham Signed with the Giants
QB Colts McCoy signed with the Redskins
C Jonathan Goodwin signed with the Saints

white collar fans
The Silicon Valley 49ers Fans


Offensively the 2014 season was a fucking nightmare. Kaepernick got exposed as a 1 dimensional talent. The league had concocted a solution to stop the dual threat QB. Spy. That’s right a QB Spy. His assignment was to just watch the QB. Kaepernick would shit bricks. Russell Wilson and RG3 also had to prove to the league that they could beat them with just their arms. Hey what can I say. Sports is a copy cat regime. That aside ole Kaepernick was sacked a team high 52 times. He looked like a deer in headlights. Greg Roman, our then Offensive Coordinator surely knew that he was fired along with Harbaugh at season’s end. The 49ers won their first game in Dallas. In fact Kaepernick played well. The next game, our home opener against the bears would define our season. Yes Week 2 defined our season. I said it. I said everybody expects us to win and under-estimate our opponents. We were up 20-0 entering the 4th quarter. Brandon Marshall beasted our secondary and Kaepernick threw 3 picks in that game. One of many low points in that season. Lowest was losing to the Raiders in Oakland. That was a sign that times were changing. Kaepernick finished that season with 3,369 Passing Yards. Anquan Boldin managed to get 1,062 yards. Gore had a stellar last season with the 49ers. How do you get rid of a 1000 yard rusher? Age or not he is still producing now with the Colts. Rookie Chris Boreland  team in tackles but retire after his first year due to concerns about his health. Patrick Willis played a few games than eventually announced his retirement before the 2015 season. Crabtree would leave to go to the Raiders where he flourished playing with Derek Carr. Bowman would sit out all of this season, due to the horrific leg injury.

Rumors surrounded the bay are that Jed York would not be renewing Harbaugh’s contract. I know for a fact that York was happy. Just think: In no walk of life can you publicly berate your boss, while your team is in disarray. I’m going to put it like this:

Jim Harbaugh represented Old Skool 49ers, smash mouth football. Candlestick Park Football. Jed York Represents this soft ass Santa Clara Football fans. Harbaugh wasn’t white-collar enough for ole York. If we would have won that Superbowl, I’m pretty sure no one would even care about the off field issues. Winning does cure-all but to a certain degree. Harbaugh was a goner. He wasn’t a yes man. He wasn’t white collar. He challenged York. Belittled him. Chose toughness over softness. Jim Harbaugh is a mans man. That man left his heart in San Francisco for dam sure. Because once he went to Santa Clara, his funeral was set. I guarantee you, that if Candlestick Park was still standing, Harbaugh would still be here. Harbaugh was the 49ers. Now we are nobodies. And will be for a long, long time

that stadium down there
That Stadium Down There AKA The South Pole

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