Press Select. The 2016 Women’s National team Vs. Select Team


I just finished watching the 2016 US Women’s National team vs. The Women’s Select team. Wow. It was awesome. The Select team almost won. Poise and turnovers were the only reason why they did not win. Could you imagine a scrimmage team beating the actual real team? Like a Frosh/Soph team beating a Varsity team. The whole game was entertaining. Aside from usual boring commentary from Lisa Leslie, I enjoyed every bit of it. It was actually more exciting than watching the Men’s team demolish China and Argentina. Me being a hoop junkie, you can kind of predict an outcome before it happens. The game was pretty close until the National team took a 12-2 run late in the 3rd quarter. Then that’s when it happened. The select team had a secret weapon. Screenshot_20160725-210225A young lady (who comes off the bench for the Minnesota Lynx mind you) came in and balled out. Scoring 19 points late in the 3rd and 4th quarter, she single handedly closed the gap, and the select team even took the lead. She went  6-6 from 3pt range in that span as well. Her name…. Natasha Howard. Now I predicted the select team losing and this was mainly because as most young teams tend to do, they don’t ride the hot hand. They forget about looking for the hot shooter.Screenshot_20160725-210305 Jewell Lloyd, the Select teams point guard assisted in the rally but a costly turn over in crunch time and an ill advised shot cost them their chance of bragging rights. I encourage everyone who needs something to watch or if you are a hoop junkie, to watch these tremendous athletes compete. Just turn the volume down on the annoying commentary and you will be ok. Support these athletes as the look for another gold medal to add to the collection. I know I will.


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