Random Stuff from my childhood pt. 2

Yes I told you guys that I wasn’t done with this. But no, you didn’t listen. Well here is some more bs for ya. Enjoy. Or not. Whatever. Haha


20. Government Cheese.

What?? They made the best grilled cheese sandwiches. You don’t remember that AFDC food boxes? With Egg Mix, Government Cheese, Pork in a can, Farina, Grape Juice, Orange Juice, Beans, and Rice?



19. Domino Rally

I had one of these but because we had carpet, we were limited to playing this game. And you know mom’s wasn’t having that shit in the kitchen. Hahah



18. Mall Madness

OK Truth time. Yes I played this and I would tell everyone that my girl Cousins made me play, but I loved this game. And if you tell anyone that there is a sale at the shoe store, I will break your face in two.



17. Dodgeball

And not none of this pussified dodgeball today. I’m talking about a big red ball to your dome, in the rain playing, trash talking dodgeball. The mightiest of men and the womenliest of women could only play this.



16. Koosh Balls

We would play dodge ball with these when the yard teacher took our ball. You can hide these on your Keychain, in your pocket, in your backpack or even in your shoe. Game on



15. The Sound Effect Key Chain

Remembering these were sooooooooooo annoying. Just hearing that bomb sound effect. Arrrggghhh hhahahahahahahhaha. I do miss it though



14. VCR Rewinders

Man, I had a pet peeve about unrewinded VHS tapes. I hated rewinding in the VCR so this invention would make it so much easier. I loved when it got near the end of rewinding and it would sound like a bomb had just went off. Remember when blockbuster video, used to fine you for not rewinding.



13. Mortal Kombat arcade game

This game changed the landscape for violence. I remember in the early 90s when this game came out, one of the programmers from midway was there. It was at the Pier 39 arcade. You remember? With the bumper cars? Any who the guy did a fatality with sub-zero. He took someone’s head off. All of the kids were in shock.


12. The Croix de Candlestick pins

The San Francisco Giants gave these out if you stayed for extra innings and if the Giants won. I had a few of these. The reason was because Candlestick was fucking cold and foggy. Real fans stayed. Always stay


11. Original Starter Jackets

I’ve seen many brothas robbed on the 44 O’Shaughnessy bus, right when the McAteer kids got on for these Jackets. I couldn’t afford one but the Hornets one and the 49ers one, were two of the cleanest jackets at the time.

I’ll finish 10-1 later. I’m about to watch USA whoop on China again for the Olympic Exhibition. Ciao. Wait did I just go foreign on yall? SMDH siggggghhhh




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