Still a proud member of the faithful!!

Even though I will never call them the “San Francisco 49ers” again, you need to accept the fact that us die hard 49ers fans, will be here forever. Even though us blue collar fans can not afford those tickets, I honestly feel proud seeing these new white collar fans fry in that Santa Clara sun. While they are spending hundreds of dollars on seats, tickets, concessions, parking, and merchandising, I am saving my money while cheering on this shitty team. But guess what? It is still my shitty team. I am not one of those fans who turns off the TV when our team is losing. No I watch the bleeding. What people don’t realize is the NFC West has gotten better. I honestly think the Arizona Cardinals will make the Superbowl this year. (The AFC is open)  We need to expect the 49ers rebuilding and will suck for the next 5 years or so. The team is in disarray. The fan base is torn. The new coach needs to decide on a quarterback. Anquan Boldin is still a free agent. (See below) Aaron Lynch is suspended for the 1st 4 games of this upcoming season. New coach. The failed Kaepernick trade. Man this off season has been exhausting. Nothing but bad news. My colleague at work asked me to talk about last year, the 2015 49ers season. Honestly there is no point. As an observant person and a die hard sports fan, you can kind of predict certain things. I called it last year. I said we will be 4-12 or 5-11 for years to come.
There are various factors to my predictions. In a nutshell the 49ers brass thought that Colin Kaepernick would lead this team back to a contender. Hahahahahha. This younger generation and Silicon Valley fans needs to know that Colin is an exceptional athlete. But that’s it. Being a “SOLID” Quarterback in the NFL takes intelligence, leadership, courage, awareness, and a sense of tranquility under pressure. Just a solid QB though. Not evwn a star or superstar QB. Colin lacks that. In fact he is the total opposite. The reason why I am so hard on this dude, is because as a Quarterback you are supposed to take the blame. When things go well, it’s always the QB. (Which we need to change as sporting fans) Other than contributing to our horrid play is the Offensive Line. Our O line is terrible, We fire Harbaugh, to use Tomsula as a yes man, to hiring Chip Kelly. So there’s personnel changes that factor in to that. 3 coaches in a span of 1 calander year. Dysfunction at its best.
(Editors note: As of 7/27/16 Blaine Gabbert will be the week 1 starter according to the 49ers. Also Anquan Boldin signed a 1 year deal with the Detroit Lions. Long time disgruntled OT Anthony Davis, who took a year off, resigned with the 49ers. Also Tom Gamble was hired as the assistant general manager and some think he might be in line to replace Baalke’s punk ass.)
This is our projected starting line up for both offense and defense
QB Blaine Gabbert
RB Carlos Hyde
FB (Hahahah we might just use a 2 TE set. We don’t have a FB)
LWR (Honestly is open, but I predict Jerome Simpson over Quinton Patton or Bruce Ellington)
TE Garrett Celek
LT Joe Staley
LG Joshua Garnett
C Daniel Kilgore
RG Zane Beatles
RT Anthony Davis
On the defensive side of the ball this is where we could be solid. 3-4 defense is our strong suit but our secondary is still small
LDT Arik Armstead
NT Ian Williams
RDT DeForest Buckner
LOLB Ahmad Brooks
RILB Navarro Bowman
LILB Gerald Hodges
ROLB Aaron Lynch (Suspended for 4 games so Michael Wilhoite might start)
LCB Treamaine Brock
SS Anthony Bethea
RCB Jimmie Ward
NB Chris Davis
*And I doubt you give 2 shits about special teams*
Anyways I expect the 2016 49ers season to be very intriguing . My hopes are different from reality. We will suck. So what do we look forward too? Depends on your level of Fandom! I’m actually excited for the defense. I do want to see a healthy Carlos Hyde and I’m interested to see which one of my predictions come true. Will Jerome Simpson get 700 receiving yards? Will Patton or Ellington do well? Will Bowman lead the defense into elite status again? Will the secondary stop playing like biatches and man down and ball out?
Well, stay tuned and find out.

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