Pt. 3 of my childhood. You still care??

Back again. Ok spare the civilian hellos. Let’s get to business


15. River Raid for Atari.

Atari was our family’so first and only video game system. A good friend of mine named Jimmy gave me this when his parents bought him a super Nintendo. Our controllers did not go to the right. Only up, down, and left.



14. Ellesse Shoes.

I had these same pair of shoes pictured above. As black people, we wore these to symbolize not being poor but very far from rich. These were one step away from Payless shoes. (XJ-900 and Prowings)


13. Super NES Super Scope 6.

I never had this but it symbolized wealth. I played it a few times at Jimmy’s house but I most of the time had to watch him because all of the games were 1 player.



12. Safeway’s Cragmont Soda Line

Man before safeway select, my generation of safeway had these sodas for 25 cents a can. I would steal the root beer one and the grape on all the time.


11. Interstate 480

Alot of people hated Interstate 480 because it obstructed the waterfront views but honestly, I loved it. It was fast and convenient. San Francisco’s main problem with traffic today is that they choose aesthetics over efficiency. Imagine going from one side of town to the next, within 15 to 20 mins. Need more tunnels and bypasses in this clusterfuck.


10. Word Munchers Apple/Microsoft

Man I used to spend hours on this game at the Buchanan YMCA. 3rd grade this was my go to game in 1992.


9. The Colossus Jack In the Box.

As a tween boy, ( especially a black tween boy), you constantly had to prove how tough you are. One way to do this was to eat a grown up burger. This burger was for men. 2 all beef patties, 6 slices of bacon, sauce, and 3 slices of cheese. Can u say heart attack ?


8. Super Off Road the Baja SNES 1993.

My homie Jimmy introduced me to this game and we would play this game forever. It’s funny because when you pressed the nitro button the driver yells ARIBA and you go faster. Unfortunately there are alot of dudes on go karts on this game and you kill them. Wait unfortunately? Hahaha naw man let’s intentionally run them over.


7. Gamepro Magazine.

I had every issue from Jan 92-Dec 97. I remember getting the flyer 12 issues for 12 dollars. That was alot of money back then. Gamepro was an escape for me. Looking at all the graphics and video games made me fantasize about living in suburbia. Man all the cheat codes and moves from this video game bible.



6. Woolworths on Powell and Market st.

Ok let me take you back. If the 1st or 15th fell on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, we were going to Woolworths downtown. 1st thing is we would hop on the 42 Downtown loop gold bus, get off on Market and  1st st, and catch any bus (with the exception to the 38) going outbound. Next go to the check cashing place downtown, go to Molars Barber College on Mason st and get a Covadis hair cut, Then it was on to the original Blondie’s pizza followed by a shopping spree at Woolworths. Sometimes I would sneak off to go to the video game section and just stay there the whole trip. Awww memories.


5. Chips Challenge on Lynx game system.

Yall remember Lynx? The handheld gaming system designed for right and left handers? Well if you don’t you should Lycos it. Or Ask Jeeves it. Or Yahoo it.


4. Mo Music Frisco Hats and Tapes. Hayes and Ashbury.

My first time coming here was in 1994. I was with some friends from Fillmoe’s Central District. (CDP 237) And we went in here and they had everything. With my weekly allowance I bought Bone Thugs Creepin On Ahhhhh Come Up for $12.50. No taxes just $12.50. CD. Tapes were $5 each. Got my first Fillmoe visor here too, but since I wasn’t from fillmoe, I got jumped for misrepresentation hahahahaha.


3. Fox Kids Cartoon.

Man I subscribed to their magazine, and I would read it front and back. Bobby’s World, Tasmania, Eek the Cat, Xmen, The Tick, Carmen San Diego, Power Rangers, Mask Rider, Batman The Animated Series etc. These were real cartoons.


2. Heroes Quest by Milton Bradley

This was my Inner Nerd coming out. I love this game. Right now it cost $300 on amazon. This was Dungeons and Dragons before Dungeons and Dragons. Imagine you could be the good guys or the bad guys. Spells, demons, fights, orbs, orcs, secret passages etc.



No explanation needed.


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