Tareau’s top 10 childhood crushes.

There was a time when women seemed more confident and booty implants, surgeries, lipo, and enhancers were taboo. They were natural women. So with no further explanation needed let’s get it.


10. Lark Voorhies aka Lisa Turtle from Saved by the Bell.

Man I was mad that Zach Morris hooked up with all 3 of the Bayside Babes.


9. Nikki Cox aka Tiffany Malloy from Unhappily Ever After.

Hit the road Jack. I loved this show. It was a lower brow of Married With Children. If you’re wondering why Nikki Cox is on my list, I’ll give you 2 reasons: 1st reason her Last name is COX. 2nd reason, see 1st reason.


8. Bern Nadette Stanis aka Thelma Evans from Good Times.

Known for giving JJ the business, I would have to watch the reruns to see her because I wasn’t born when the show originally aired. Hey a young man can dream.


7. Michelle Thomas aka Myra Monkhouse from Family Matters. (RIP)

Steve Urkel was tripping man. Here you had a beautiful, voluptuous, Petite, smart woman who wanted to jump on Steve, but Steve loved Laura too much. Ms. Thomas passed away in 1998 due to a rare form of cancer.


6. Kellie Shanygne Williams aka Laura Winslow from Family Matters.

Can you blame Steve for shunning Myra however. Laura Winslow was every black boys dream. Man ohhh Man. Stefan Urkel made Laura fall in love with Steve, which is why when I was growing up, my smooth personal was named Alfonso.


5. Tracy Spencer as herself in Family Matters.

“Tender kisses” I think that was my favorite story in Family Matters, to see Tracy Spencer fall for Eddie Winslow. Tracy’s voice and kind-hearted demeanor were an added bonus.


4. Danielle Fishel as Topanga Lawrence from Boy Meets World.

Man Topanga had it all. Brains and Beauty. It’s funny because before her huge transformation, I would tell all of my friends how pretty she was and that I was going to marry her. They used to make fun of me. Then once they went to High School (on Boy Meets World) people knew what I was talking about.


3. Michael Michelle aka Sandra Gill from New York Undercover.

Was I the only one who was mad that Ice-T killed her. Man she was smoking hot. J.C. should of wifed her up when he had the chance.


2. Garcelle Beauvais aka Francesca “Fancy” Monroe from the Jaime Foxx Show

I’ll sum up my favorite fancy quote of all time…

Jaime: How did ya’ll get the wedding ring back from the vent?

Braxton: Francesca went inside of the vent to get it.

Fancy: Too bad you wasn’t here Jaime, I had to get nude to fit in the vent. Too bad I had boots on, and you could of knocked them!!!


1. Nia Long as Lisa Wilkes from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Nia Long is that fine lady who gets finer with age. Her great acting range is over looked by her stunning smile and beautiful body. Salute to you Ms Long.


Well a man can dream right. Who would you put on your list? Ladies what men what you put on this list? Let us know how ya feel. 👌






    • I didn’t like Lisa Bonet. Hahahahahahahah Kelly Bundy was everyone childhood crush and she was on my original list but I thought about Lisa Turtle from Saved by the Bell.

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  1. Yo this list is perfect!!!!! Good shit!

    As a fellow nerd I was rooting for Screech to bag Lisa just one time the same way Urkel got with Laura. They need quit playing and have a Saved By the Bell high school reunion episode where Screech gets him a quick piece in the janitor’s closet or something lmao

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