Top 10 best foods (No diets allowed)


Before I get into this I want you to know that these foods will change your life forever.

10: The 50/50 Bacon Burger with cheese

I haven’t tried this myself, but I’ve eaten a cheeseburger, and I’ve eaten bacon, so I’m
pretty sure it would be one of the single greatest things ever to eat unless you dont eat pork.


9: Chimichunga

One of the best fried things ever, I cant explin how good it is.

8: Pizza

Of course pizza would be on this list, but it’s not just the normal pepporoni from Pappa Johns I’m talking abou.t When you make your own pizza, with thingss like peporoni, cheddar cheese, sausage, and grilled onions! I havent made my own with my hands, but I’ve went to places where you make your own pizza, but you you aren’t the one that makes it.



7: Lumpia

Lumpia is the greatest food to be made when you are cooking with sweet bread Lumpia. It’s some kind of bread that I dont know the name of and you put things like cheese, meat and somtimes veggies.


6: Coney Island Dogs/Chicago Dogs

There both tied at number 6 because, well I can’t put one in front of the other. If you have never eaten a Coney Island dog leave where you’re at, get a plane ticket, and go to Detroit!  No hotdog  compares to a Coney Island dog except maybe a Chicago dog. Now, when it comes to the Chicago dog, I’ve eaten one, however  It wasn’t from Chicago. It was from some place in Las Vegas that was… it basically the Vegas version of a Chicago dog. But I will try  the authentic real soon because I am going to Chicago in a little while.


STRAWBERRY CHEESE CAKE!!!!!!! It’s the second greatest desert for anyone who loves anything ever.

4: Lemon pepper chicken over Rice

This one I kind of like, but the reason why I put it on the list is because D.M.Allen said
that it was one of his favoites. Whom, some of you know—is the king of snackin’.

3: Biscuits and Gravy

Now who doesnt like biscuits and Gravy? Biscuits and Gravy give you the feeling of love in
one bite, and the feeling of—if anyboyd tries to take my food there gonna die (TODAY)!
If you can’t get your hands on real biscuits and gravy, get the Lays potato chip version, those are delicious if  you just want to snack.

2. Home Cooked Fried Chicken (W/ Mashed Potatoes & Macaroni and Cheese)

This is my personal, most loved meals ever. I could have this meal any day of the year,
any time of the month, and I would never get sick of it.



My family and I watched a Youtube video by, The Pit Boys Cooking channel. We immdeiately  subscribed too. The video had a full gator, and they made stuffing with other delicious exotic foods. It made you just want to shame any basic food that you have ever tasted. It had a salmon in it’s mouth, but I dont eat fish, so that’s why I put steak.



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