Top 10 favorite football players

This top ten list will show you all ten of my favorite players that some of you will probably agree with.


10: Odell beckham

Odell beckham is my 10th favorite because of the crazy plays he routinely makes. The above GIF is a perfect example.


9: Devin Hester

Devin Hester is the best punt/kick returner ever in my book. Most people in the NFL could do nothing to stop him, nothing!

8: Eddie Lacy

Eddie Lacy is number 8 on my list, because he is the definition of a Power runner.
To be that size, he is pretty fast. A couple of days ago I was looking at his highlights.He hit this man so hard his HELMET CAME OFF!

7: A.J Green

Now when you want to talk about shear awesomeness, let’s go to the subject of A.J green. I think  #24 needs some help.

6:Ed Reed

Anyone who has ever liked the Baltimore Ravens, or the safety position, or just hard hitters in general, know Ed Reed. The legend used to hit people so hard they wanted to go to the other side of the field. #34 needs some milk.

5.Frank Gore

Frank Gore is my second favorite running back, even though he left my 49ers for the Colts.
Though it wasn’t his fault, becasue he just wanted the money that was due to him—yet the Niners wouldn’t give it to him. So I can’t blame him.

4:Colin Kaepernick: But wait, theres more to the story.

Now I know Kaepernick has a bad rep, but I’m talking about the old Kaepernick. Not the new and unimproved version, who is always throwing interceptions, keeps getting hurt, and claims he’s even better this season. I’m talking about the one throwing amazing touchdown passes, and basically putting the ball right in the hands of the receiver. I know it’s not always his fault, sometimes the receivers run bad routes,and are responsible for tipped balls. I’m talking about the old times.(Did you see that block by gore?)

3:Novarow Bowman

One of the best inside Linebackers in the history of the 49ers.That’s all I’m going to say.


2: Calvin Johnson Jr. AKA: Megatron

Megatron as we all know retired. But while he was playing, he was arguably one of the best wide recievers in the game, if not the best. He is definitely the best wide reicever in the lions history. If I’m wrong sombody can tell me, but I’m confident I’m right when I say, Calvin Johnson Jr is the best wide reciever in Lions history.


We all know him, we all know BARRYYYY SANDERS!! The best running back of all time, I dont care what anybody says. If you say Walter Payton or anyone else is the best, how about you dont talk EVER.

Now its time to go, I got snacks to eat.


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