Product of Your Environment

It’s always been said, that the best boxers come from the worst of backgrounds.  The same goes for most athletes. Pressure makes diamonds, and like a wise woman once told me,  “Nothing makes you move like discomfort.”  What makes one successful? Is it being mentally stronger than everyone else? Perseverance? Work ethic? Is it planning and executing? If you have the right connections you may have access to things others will never know about. For example, Steph Curry grew up with an NBA father, NBA caliber shooting coaches, NBA players—essentially any and every tool for success were at his fingertips—if he so needed them. Look at someone like LeBron James, who grew up in less fortunate circumstances, in Akron,OH to a 16 year old single parent with nothing.  He’s in the NBA from sheer hunger, and the determination to get out of a situation. In this piece I’m going to explore, how to get that slice of American pie.


For What a Man Thinketh in His Heart, so is He


Every kid who grew up playing ball in the hood, got it in on one of these. Many serious childhood battles happened under a tree, on a telephone pole, shit even on shopping baskets

84 Ghetto Hoops
What you know about it?


It’s the little things that count, and envisioning you’re playing in the NBA Finals—despite where you really may be, works wonders on adolescent confidence and development.  Many of your favorite stars have started with humble beginnings such as this, and have gone on to have great careers many moons later.  Many of you have read the tales of players growing up in poverty, and going from rags to riches—achieving the so-called American dream. It provides those of us who come from the struggle inspiration, knowing that, we too can be successful in life.

When you were a kid ,what did you want to be when you grew up? Take a moment to reflect. Did you accomplish that dream? For those of you that didn’t, what prevented you from reaching that life milestone? Chances are most people have a reason or perfect excuse to pin their dashed hopes on, not knowing they still can reach their goals. What’s the difference between someone you deem successful reaching the mountain top, and you, the person reading this who hates their job—or worse, their life?


Hard work


Well, how bad do you want to be successful? Humans are creatures of habit, and successful people have habits they swear by, and treat like written law. When you grow up surrounded by people with drug habits, or you are surrounded by dysfunction; you may be unaware of such formulas. You may not even see a way out, or even worse you develop a distorted view of what life is. However there are some who see the need to break the cycle. Hunger, wheter literally or metaphorically speaking is a motivator. How bad do you want it? Hall of Fame Wide Receiver Jerry Rice famously ran up hills and out worked everyone, including teamates. Deion Sanders… well I don’t want to undersale what he said. I’ll just let you read what Deion said here 

Everyone from Steve Jobs, to your favorite rapper, to the most successful person you know has a formula. What’s yours? Have you developed one?

Success has many meanings: defines it as: The favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; theaccomplishment of one’s goals.

Merriam-Webster defines it as : The fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame.

The Dave define it as: Finding happiness or purpose; by any means necessary.


Nowadays everyone just want to be rich and famous. The way media has shaped the masses minds, and programmed the people to think if everyone doesn’t know your name then you wasted your life. Which isn’t the case at all, but that’s where we are as a society. Making it to the mountain top is something you have to dedicate your life to.

You have to eat, sleep, and drink your craft. Live life, be positive, listen to motivational messages, and above all else plan. Map out your future. In due time you’ll get there, if that’s what you want


Life is a Beautiful Struggle






  1. A potent, powerful, and persuasive take on seizing the reins of our own lives and claiming responsibility for its direction and outcome. Well written, well done!

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  2. Great article outlining a blueprint for success! I believe success is achieving goals; both short-term and long-term, which, in essence, is what your article is saying to me.

    I recently discovered a guy named C.T. “Motherf***ing” Fletcher (although he’s been around for a minute). His monolgues are laced with profanity but his message shines thru. “WILL” is the key, or one of the keys to success.

    Every time I hear the following speech, I head out the door to my “shed” (home of my exercise equipment)

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    • WOW! Crazy thing is I just discovered him last week hahaha. I feel so much better about that now lol. I’m really at a point, where I feel like my purpose in life is to motivate others. So I’m all in on that. We need you on the show Brotha Brown! We all on the same page man. Also, C.T. got me ready to finally stop being lazy and get back in shape.

      Liked by 1 person

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