The Art Of Subliminal Advertising

Let’s break this down completely. The most feared being in America is a Black Man. The most disrespected being in America is a Black woman. We don’t need statistics to show that. Why you might ask? Portrayal of us in the media, Subliminal advertising, Our history being lost and or forgotten, Half truths, unfair wages, unfair education, lack of equality, Etc. I can go on. To those of the people who I’ve encountered in the past 5 years or so, who are not Black, most of them are cool and support our struggle. There are a few whose views are misconstrued due to the lack of knowledge. It’s hard to have an educated debate with someone who only wants to hear or believe what they want to. It’s also hard to have that same debate, with that same person, when they are not privy to the knowledge of our strife. I once got in to a spirited debate with a white friend of mine about historic landmarks. confederate.jpgIt was around the time when the Confederate Flag was atop of the court-house in South Carolina. He told me that the lady was stupid because you can’t erase hundreds of years of history. I as a historian, a black historian can see both sides of this argument. However calling the lady stupid was uncalled for. When I told him that as a black man, that flag represented the worst things in our history, the Confederate officers and soldiers whose streets we have to walk down, the symbolic misrepresentation of that flag, should go. It should be in a museum because it is part of the History of this country, but should it be idolized? No! He then went on a tirade how most Blacks don’t appreciate how great this country is. I laughed. In my head I’m thinking that, is this guy a racist or are his views  cloudy because he is only hearing one side? I then told him, “Did you know that Mt. Rushmore was sculpted by a Klans man?” He stopped in his tracks. “No, I did not know that, wow really, OMG!” Of course you’re not going to know that. White America doesn’t teach you that. Our curriculum in the US is racists as hell. This is an example of subliminal advertisement.

Great example: Mt. Rushmore was sculpted by a member of the Ku Klux Klan. (See for your self in a book called
“Great White Fathers: The True Story of Gutzon Borglum and His Obsessive Quest to Create the Mt. Rushmore National Monument.” By John Taliaferro. The sculptor name Gutzon Borglum is painting and Herald as this amazing renaissance man in history. A jack of all trades. White America is not taught this. We are not taught this. These are the inequalities that must be destroyed in order for America to move on. Tell the whole truth. Why do you think a lot of Black Americans do not celebrate American history? Because it’s all BS. Why don’t you think alot of the great American songs are not sung in our community? Because those songs meant our demise. They were not meant for us. This country and it’s bill of rights was not for the Black American, nor any colored person. But yet we get called names when we challenge said inequalities. We are labeled “Unpatriotic” When we don’t want to play in the Olympics or “Look a certain kind of way during national anthems.” We are labeled classless and disrespectful when we don’t support Christianity. For a country that was allegedly built to escape religious persecution, Why is it that you are judged so harshly if you do not believe in the status quo of religious beliefs?

(Dome of the rock would be the Greatest Subliminal Advertisement. Anytime a race or culture takes over a land for indigenous people, what’s the 1st thing that they do? They raise a flag to assure their dominance)dome_of_the_rock1323557019006

Subliminal advertising touches all facets of our American culture. From music, to ad placements, to religion, to politics, to sports, to beauty,even to pornography. Don’t get me wrong, you like what you like. If are a woman and you don’t like the way I look, than I am not for you. I am not going to market myself to try to please someone else. You like what you like. The problem with that, as history has constantly dictated, everything is one-sided. Continuing on with me as an example, I was in an elevator 2 years ago in a shopping mall here in San Francisco, 2 ladies got on and they were talking about dating. (mind you none of the ladies acknowledged my presence until the end) One lady was Asian the other was White. Now as the elevator is going to the top floor the Asian lady tells her friend “I think he’s hot don’t date Black guys!” Was I offended. No. Why wasn’t I offended? Because that’s her personal preference and I couldn’t care less. What I was offended at however, was when she said her comment (also towards the end of the elevator ride), her and her friend turn around and apologizes as they are leaving the elevator “Sorry.” So you only acknowledge me as a fellow human once you make your comment?? I was laughing, I said “It’s ok that guy you like will find someone!” They scoffed and left aggravated. Now I tell you this story because I can damn near guarantee that young Asian lady had never dated a Black man(or black men plural. You can’t just let one person dictate the whole culture) She probably was going off of advertisement, stories, gossip, and whatever her parents would tell her. That’s why I wasn’t offended. Also could I judge all of Asian & White women by the actions of these 2? (Being Petty and small hell yea you can lol but taking the high road the answer is 100% No)

There is a plethora of subliminal based advertisements. Let’s look at a few subtle jabs of this. The American Classic Back to The Future 1. Growing up I thought Marty was cool. When I got older, I thought he was a nerd that I would have pummeled. Now I point out a particular scene in back to the future. This part of the script is from I never noticed this until I was in my early 20’s. Check it out: (Keep in mind skinhead was one of Biffs goons. HMMMMMMM)


Skinhead: Hey lets lock him in trunk.

{They throw Marty into the car trunk and slam the lid shut. Then the Cadillac or is thrown open and the DRUMMER from the band steps out. He is smoking reefer}

Drummer: Say what you messin’ with my car for?

3-D: Beat it SPOOK, This don’t concern you!

{The other 3 car doors open, and MARVIN BERRY and THE OTHER BAND MEMEBRS get out. They look real “BAD” with their processed hair.}

Marvin: Who you callin’ “SPOOK,” peckerwood?

{Biff’s boys exchange worried looks as the band members advance on them}

Skinhead: Hey I don’t want to mess with no reefer addicts.

Now for of those of you who doesn’t know, a spook is a derogatory word for a Black man. What did Marvin and his crew do to deserve to be called Spooks? They were minding their own business. If anything Biffs crew could have been charged with Attempted robbery, assault, trespassing etc. A lot of Black men can relate to this type of situation because hypothetically if the police were called, Marvin and his Band would have been arrested. I can attest that probably 80% of Black men has went through this process. What the $381 million domestically grossing Back to the future 1 is taught the masses, is that type of behavior is ok. When your younger , you’re thinking, “ohhh Biff is mean, and a bully so he and his goons will say derogatory comments from time to time.” True but for 3D to call Marvin a SPOOK was just fucked up honestly.


Another example was on Disney’s Princess & The Frog. One of Disney’s lowest grossing movies due to it featuring an entirely animated Black ensemble and headlining a Black princess. A lot of people will say that the VooDoo culture was too scary for their children. Which was a load of bullshit. So you will let your child watch John Smith’s people slaughter Pocahontas, Watch a global take over in Avatar, Watch hyenas and Lions maul each other on the Lion King, but you wont let them watch a movie that talks about the Creole and New Orleans black culture. So magic and witchcraft isn’t considered by some as OCCULT. HMMMMMM yeaaaahhhh. Anyways Princess and the Frog came out in 2009 and to most critics it was just average. Disney had to push the movie back due to their lack of belief in the movie because Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Squeakle was coming out that same day. In a time where 3D movies and highly CGI animated films were dominating the box offices, Princess & The Frog was a traditional 2D love story. There is a scene which had blatant racial undertones to it. Here’s a transcript of it from

Mr. Fenner: Good Evening, Tiana. Marvelous party.

Tiana: Evening, Mr. Fenner. Mr. Fenner. I’m smelling meanies. Gonna be the House specialty, once I signed those papers you’ve brought.

Mr. Fenner: Yes …About that…You were outbid.

Tiana: What?

Mr. Fenner: The fella came in offering
a full amount of cash.Less you can tap his offer
by Wednesday. You can kiss that place goodbye.

Tiana: You know how long it took
me to save that money?

Mr. Fenner: Exactly! Which is why a little woman of your background …
woulda had a hands full, trying to run
a big business like that. You better off, will y’all,  yeah!

Now I remember taking my daughter to go see this and she was 4 years old. It was premiere week and there wasn’t too many promotions. In a theater that can easily hold about 300 people, there were only like 16 of us in there. WTF. 16. yea I counted 16. Also from the quote above, what did you take from it? One could argue that it’s business as usual and if you don’t have the money than it goes to the highest bidder. That’s the easy way out. The hard way out is to call a spade a spade. Tiana wasn’t going to get that place even if she had the money due to her skin color. “A little woman of your background” can be misconstrued as mishagonictic, racist, sexiest, and also showing nepotism. Yes I know I’m reaching but for me that was a huge subliminal message.

In the May 2016 issue of Seventeen magazine young actress Yara Shahidi was interviewed about stereotypes. On the topic of racism she said that her white friends woul tell her things like ” You’re not a typical black girl because you get straight A’s.” So here we have a talented, young black actress (who is bi-racial so this adds fuel to her fire due to the sensitivity about racism and colorism) who just landed a modeling contract, who is on a hit tv show, dealing with racism and stereotypes within her own inner circle. (FYI the article was not on Seventeen’s website either. I found it at my cousin’s house who is 17 years old.) Successful black people can not even enjoy the fruits of their labor as their white counter parts. Especially for young women of color. Subliminal advertising has dwindled their beauty standards down to a bare minimum. Just imagine, if you are an adolescent, colored girl growing up in America, you are constantly judged. You can’t even go to a supermarket to see any one who resembles you at the check out line without said person getting married or on drugs or in jail. All the black women’s magazines are way in the back by the hallmark cards behind the guns and ammo magazines, on the top shelf. Product Placing and Marketing?? So what, black women or brown women don’t buy  things? If black Americans have an alleged $1 Trillion dollar capital as  consumers, why not cater to them? I went to my dentist yesterday the only Black person that I saw on the magazine was a college basketball player from UNC for March Madness. Not on People, Not on vogue, Not On Cole, Or Elle, Or anything else. Yes Sports illustrated. I would like to see Nia Long on the cover when she announces her pregnancy. Or I would like to hear that Debbie Allen is directing a new play. Or that Tamara Mowry is switching detergent brands. In all fairness why not. We have to constantly hear about Reese Witherspoons break ups and miscarriages and shit so same for Black actresses right? Same for Latina Actresses. So how can a person who is not Black, learn about our struggle when all they see is this…grocery-store-magazine


Now this next topic is strictly about Adult Entertainment, so if you don’t want to hear about it, please scroll past this paragraph. Subliminal Advertising doesn’t end there. Did you know that Black Adult film stars (Especially woman are paid 3 times less than their white counterparts?) Ahem RESEARCH. Uhh Yea Research, we will go with that. Shit did I just type that? It’s true look it up. Black Adult film stars are not promoted in the media a la a white one. Black Adult Film Star Skin Diamond talked with in 2015 about this issue. skin-diamond-12194

Jenna Jameson had sympathy from talk shows from talking about her traumatic life in the Adult Film Business. Really? So where’s the Black Adult Film stars sympathy ?? It’s funny because American Pop Culture is obsessed with Black Men’s Penises. If you want to play 6 degrees of separation we can indirectly fault Ray J for Caitlin Jenner. I still think Bruce Jenner would of never transitioned if it wasn’t for that Kardashian money (Just think Ray J got screwed out of that deal. Although he was famous before the Kardashian’s, his penis is responsible for a $120 million empire) Golden State Warrior’s Power Forward Draymond Green accidentally Snap chatted a dick pic out to his followers. Unless you’re a lady or a gay man who wants to see that, no one else should be talking about it. I can’t believe how many straight males are obsessed with black penises. Especially the masses of the fairer skin. Adult Film star Legend Lisa Ann has spoken ad nauseam about the unfairness in this industry.


Now trust me, we could go on about this issue but I wanted to bring this up because, it is very important that has to be talked about. Moving forward from the titalatating topic of the Adult film industry, let’s dig into the topic of marketing. In 2007 my 4th favorite book came out of all time. Harper, Hill (2007). Letters to a Young Brother: Manifest Your Destiny. Gotham. ISBN 978-1592402496.  In it Harper talks about getting discouraging advice from multiple publishers. Saying things like “You’re trying to reach a demographic who doesn’t read. Black males don’t read.” And the fucked up thing is, a lot of us do not read. We rather look at pictures or all day than to pick up an application to the public library. Anyways when our culture tries to promote growth, why is it not encroached in other cultures? If I have to read “The Grapes Of Wrath” by John Steinbeck, why can’t we read “Black Boy” by Richard Wright? so California just passed a law to teach LBGT rights and history in classrooms which is great, but when it comes to Black historians, it’s limited to the Who’s who of Black History. Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Frederick Douglass, and Harriet Tubman. So basically with all the Black American pioneers, why are we limited to just 5 entities?

The truth iceberg has just been tipped ladies and gentlemen, so where will you be when it spills into humanity. Will you defend the false entities, or will you acknowledge the wrongs and accept the truths? Please people let’s wake up and promote the truth. Let’s stop giving in to what the status quo wants us to do. I’ll see you there front and center and just remember, the revolution will not be televised, it will be Vined, Streamed, Insta, Tweeted etc. It’s a new war. Sack Up






  1. Wow!
    Very thorough and full of thought-provoking observations.
    If you ever watch the old movie “Animal House” a young white man asks a young white woman what her college major is as they are walking into an all black nightclub, she replies: “Primitive cultures” or something to that extent. Now that was blatantly racist. Even though I liked that movie as a kid, I would always point that part out to anybody who would listen.


    • There’s plenty of examples we know that Mrs. G. Mammy from gone in the wind not being able to go to her own showing (Hattie McDaniels) to the subliminal messages on Planet of the apes, etc. The problem is no one acknowledges these inconsistencies in American culutre. Example I have several friends of different races, cultures etc. Some of there closest thing to a black movie would be Rush hour.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You did your thing with this piece, brother. This has got all kinds of layers and as another reader mentioned, lots to think about too. I’m thinking the elevator story is resonating in my head most right now. Seems to me you handled it right. That your response and lack of ‘being offended-ness’ could rile them up speaks volumes. This is a great piece of writing, brother. I’m sure this isn’t the last time I’ll read it and break it down in my head.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Man I really appreciate it. Just think with the 35,000 of us left in this city we encounter these type of things everyday. I live in an apartment building that is predominantly chinese. I grew up here and moved away then we moved back. They know me and they will still press the close door button if I’m rushing for the elevator. But if I see them they want me to stop everything.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sometimes the uninformed choose to remain so. You’ll always have people who rarely question beyond those subliminals you mentioned! They just don’t see a reason to when their lives aren’t being impacted in the ways they ‘sense’ black lives are on a regular basis. We can’t be the ones to change this, but in living our truth the best we can, who knows… maybe the close button on the elevator starts getting hit a little less until eventually deeper understanding seeps in?


      • I find when I step out into the day, if I’ve begun my morning with an acknowledgement ‘I’m already enough’, so much so that a sense of groundedness takes over me, the opinions and uninformed attitudes of others have nothing to ‘stick to’.


      • For me my mind gets weakened at times. Especially when us black men are portrayed a certain way. Most dudes my age want to be Rick Ross and sell drugs or be about that hood life. I can’t fuck with that Avenue at all. It’s tough when you have to battle your own bretheren and everyone else

        Liked by 1 person

      • I hear that all the way, brother. For me, those ‘portrayals’ by others are the challenge to refocus our energy into what we know to be true. Walking in your truth as a ‘prince of peace’ is perhaps the greatest deterrent we can create in response to the misinformed. I can’t help also thinking when a Rick Ross or hood life is the highest aspiration someone can come up with, what does that say about their ‘inner man/woman’. For me it says they are starving spiritually and the first step to reversing the decline is to acknowledge (knowledge) this in whichever way they can…
        As for the battles… I’ve been in plenty too… what I realize is I’m not here to change anyone. I can offer my views, my truth, my beliefs… the rest is on them… show me you’re seeking a higher ground and I’ll offer my hand every time.

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      • The problem I find Is the violent disagreements we have. We can not just agree to disagree nowadays and be cordial with each other. Everyone wants to be a real nigga but not a negus. Buying jordans and other bs is what the African American culture glorifies. It’s sad because there is too much fighting within ourselves. Light vs dark skin, African vs African American, bi-racial/mixed vs Black americans. We are doing Willie Lynch ‘s job for him. I also think worshipping these celebrities has got to stop. At the end of the day most black celebrities will be 1%.

        Liked by 1 person

      • True, but again, dig down to the core of these issues and you’ll find a root cause: lost sense of identity. I’m of the mind our disconnect from our true heritage has done spiritual damage on a level we’re only just now starting to confront. The conversations are trickling in, but we’ve got family so far from the notion they truly do come from kings and queens, it might as well be science fiction. One thing that’s giving me hope with all these issues is that we live in a time of unprecedented access to knowledge… real knowledge and with the tap of a button. The wise ones are waking up to this across the diaspora. The revolution in the mind is happening…

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