Denver Nuggets: Road to the Top

This article will be about how I think my Denver Nuggets are going to improve in these next couple of years. We have some pretty good additions that, I think, will be perfect for our team.  FYI:This is my (J.P. Allen’s) personal rankings.





PF Kenneth Faired

The ranking I give Kenneth Faried is 9/10. I want to talk about the team one-by-one starting with, my boy,Faried. Decent slasher, and a crazy athlete. T hrow the ball anywhere near the rim…. its going in if Faried is in the paint. Faried is also great at blocking shots and rebounding.



PG Emmanuel Mudiay

The ranking I give Emmanuel Mudiay is a 9/10.  Mudiay is a really good slasher, a great passer. Although he shoots 33% from mid-range, and 25% from behind the arc,he’ll eventually get better, and when he does he’ll be a nightmare.


C Nikoli Jokic

The man nicknamed Joker gets a 7/10 ranking. Joker is already one of the best passers for a big man I’ve ever seen. Although his shooting abilities leave something to be desired, this man will not let anybody score when he is protecting the rim.


Pg/Sg Jamal Murray

Now time to talk about the person we just drafter this year. Jamal Murry I was looking at his highlights and his summer league games and I see some real promise. He is a great slasher, he’s solid from 3 point range and he is good around the rim. Only problem with him, is that he needs to start caring about shot selection.



Sf/Pf Juan Hernangomez

I rank Juan Hernangomez a 6/10. He has some potential, in his highlights I see he can shoot 3’s fairly well, he blocks shots, he isn’t too good as a 1 on 1 defender. But, he is solid in the paint.


All of the Nuggets attributes combined

I think the Nuggets are going to take over the Northwest division and possibly the Western Conference, because all these players attributes work well together. For example Faried and Joker are perfect because, Faried depends on his teams passing for him to score—and Joker is a really good passer.  Jamal Murray and Emanuel Mudiay are Going to be the next tandem in my mind. Becasue they are both really good slahers, they both have handles and they both shoot well. Jamal is more of a 3 point shooter but now Mudiay is practicing 3’s so he will get better. Plus they are both good in the paint. Juan Hernangomez is going to also work well with Joker.  Joker can pass to Hernangomez, were Hernangomez can pass to anybody else or he can just shoot it.

Rumors :

I have seen rumors that Faried might be leaving the Nuggets for the Celtics and if he does that, that will be a big problem for us. If this where to happen, the next 2k rating would make us from overall 80 to overall 60, and that is going to mess up the whole team. 

So ya just gone trade me!!!!!!!!!!!



Kenneth faried college: Morehead State University
Nikoli Jokic: Mega
Emmaineul Mudiay: China
Jamal Murry college: University of Kentucky
Juan Hernangomez: Spain

Out of all the players on the Nuggets, I think in a couple of years once these new addition become veterans,  we will be at the top of our division and maybe be a championship winner(s). One person who is good but might not be starting, is Malik Beasly I’ve seen him in summer league and I have seen his highlights he is as skilled as Mudiay and Jamal but he has the same position as one of the starters so they would have to take him out a lot.


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