The return of Jesus

According to reports the great Ray Allen is considering coming back to the NBA. The 41 year old Allen isn’t coming back for the love of the game no, he reportedly wants to play again to pad his 3-point record. Yes, the very record that will inevitably be broken by Wardell Stephen Curry. Currently Jesus Shuttlesworth sits atop the record book with 2,973 three pointers made, and Curry is 19th on the list with 1,593. If Steph keeps up the record breaking pace from last season, the record will be broken in the year 2020. If Ray does comes back, the record will be broken—maybe by 2021. My feeling is, the record isn’t safe, so what’s the point of coming back for that? You left gracefully Ray, we don’t want to see you in a bad light, taking shots away from young guys, to prove a bitter point to one young whipper snapper. Wardell may go down as the best shooter to ever breathe, but you’ll still have the prettiest shooting form of all all time. Hey, you may be the best athlete actor of all time as well, huh-huh? Consider those two things wins, and wait for that Hall of Fame invite.





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