One in the Same (Vol. I)

Aaron Rodgers and Chris Paul, two of the best at their respective sports—and positions. Both have a remarkable feel for the game they play. Renowned for poise, command, and finding the open man. Although the two play different sports, they are nearly identical in approach, and style. The positions of Quarterback and Point Guard are kindred—by the very nature of their respective duties. The responsibility to lead men in battle, not to mention being depended upon to set tone and tempo. The two men are arguably the best at what they do, and is here to recognize greatness.

-In his career, Aaron Rodgers has thrown 257 touchdown passes (17th all time) and rushed for 21, resulting in 1,668 points.

-In 11 years Chris Paul has dropped 1,688 dimes (11th all time), resulting in 1,688 buckets, and scored 14,506 points himself.

-Rodgers is a  2 -time NFL MVP,  2-time First Team All Pro, and a 5-time Pro Bowler. In ten years Aaron is not only incredibly accurate, he is vigilant with the football. Only 65 interceptions in a decade. Closest player with double digit picks, with at least ten years of service, is Alex Smith—with 83. They are no where near the same caliber of player, but as you can see, Aaron is on another level from every other QB.

-Paul is a former Rookie of the Year, 8-time All-star, makes the NBA All Defensive team almost every year, and like Rodgers, rarely turns the ball over.

Both players are not only respected, but are two transcendent players in sports period.


The Green Bay Packers have made the playoffs for the last 7 years straight, with a Super Bowl victory in Rodgers second year at the helm. The Los Angeles Clippers have made the playoffs each of the five seasons since Chris Paul’s arrival,but have yet to make it out of the second round.

Here’s where I draw the similarities. Much like the Packers recievers, the Clippers players depend upon one man to set them up to score. DeAndre Jordan, Wesley Johnson, and to a certain extent—J.J. Redick and Blake Griffin can not score on their own. Take last season playoff series against the Portland TrailBlazers for example:


credit to Free Dawkins

As you can see, Chris Paul has to do everything. Control tempo, set the table, read the defense (even for others), and pass people open. He’s a duel threat, and he stays in the passing lanes, part of the reason he’s in the top 5 in steals every year.

Now look at this highlight reel of Paul racking up 18 assist, and wait for the 24 second mark, to see Chris scramble like a QB and make the big play happen: 


Credit to Free Dawkins 

Now watch the correlation between the two. Here is Aaron Rodgers making shit happen on the field, scrambling, and making players look better than they are. [note: Due the NFL not being very fan friendly, you have to follow the link above and watch Rodgers on youtube]

Do you see the  similarities? If you change out the footwear, you’re looking at two men playing the same style.


This play in particular shows what looks like the football equivalent of a crossover, to an  in-and-out move, finished off by a lob for the score.

One in the same indeed. Leave your comments below, there will be more installments in the future, including the similarities between Cam Newton and LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and Adrian Peterson,  and more.



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