You dive for the ball

When I watch the summer olympics I always looked forward to the USA Mens Basketball team. Unfortunately this 2016 Olympics mens team has been unwatchable. Watching team USA Mens basketball is really boring. It feels like Coach K has 5 of the same players on the floor at the same time. (Except DeAndre Jordan.) This team I would definitely label a C+ team. Our roster consists of 12 players. 9 of whom are scorers (Klay, Kyrie, Boogie, Kyle, Durant, Melo, PG13, Derozan, Jimmy Butler),  1 Systematic Swiss army knife in Draymond Green, 1 rebounding big man in DeAndre Jordan, and 1 Standard athlete in Harrison Barnes. This team sucks and they chose the wrong guys to represent us. There is no heart. No guts. No glory. (See what I did there) And this is today’s NBA people. Australia and Serbia punked us badly. Both of those teams played well. Hard fouls, crisp cuts, communication, ball movement, making the extra pass. The USA team plays too much ISO ball and I’m tired of seeing this play plague our league. Plague our youth. Isolation basketball subliminally tells the fans that this style of basketball wins games. This is what you want to see. For gods sakes, i just watch Kyrie Irving dribble for the entire shotclock without passing the ball to his teammates. His teammates were just standing around like this was an And 1 mixtape audition. For me it’s just like me theory with my Golden State Warriors. We were one player (role player) away from forming a strong, blue collar dynasty. But we get another superstar shooter in Kevin Durant. Let me remind you that I was a blue collar basketball player in high school and in pick up games. So scorers and shooters don’t impress me because they become a liability when they cant shoot or score. They pout, they sulk, they miss assignments on defense. You can see it in their body language when they don’t get a call. All of today’s superstars do it. It’s hard to watch. The flopping. The complaining. The whining. The flailing and tantrums. So imagine when you have a team withas a majority of affromentioned talents. What happens? Exactly. I found myself rooting for Serbia. This team should of never been assembled. They have no identity. The problem is there is no floor general. Kyrie and Kyle are scoring point guards. They don’t run offenses. Kyrie is a smaller Kevin Durant. Kyle Lowry is your prototypical scoring point guard. They needed a Rajon Rondo, or John Wall esq, type of point guard. A facilitator. Anyways, people more scorers are a bad thing. They don’t fix a problem only add to it. Thanks for stopping by.



    • Thank you for commenting. Yes I wrote about that a while ago. One of the reasons is because white collar basketball fans want to feel inclusive into the game. Fantasy sports generate billions of dollars in revenue. So if you’re the NBA and NFL you are going to change the rules to give the offense advantages. Scoring points and stats means more money generated. Also it subliminally teaches kids that being tough will give you a bad reputation.

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