Tareau’s 10 favorite movies

You already knew that this was coming. Back to some BS, right. So with a little bit of adieu………………. (see that was the adieu) here’s my crappy list.


Honorable Mention Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1.

This was the very first movie, I’ve ever seen at a movie theater. It was at the New Mission theater on Mission and 22nd st. My sister took me here and I had nightmares because, The first movie they showed was Tremors. Those dam snakes scared me. Way to ruin my movie experience Janova. Ninja Turtles will always be a classic in my eyes. If you really love spoofs, please go to youtube and search for Itsreal85 “Nigga Turtles.”


#10. Schindler’s List.

I loved this movie and as impactful as this movie is, It still gives you chills. I love movies about WW2, Nazi’s, Hitler etc. Great flick.


#9 Casino

So many memorable quotes from this film. The drama, the cursing, the corruption, the drugs, the lies and the action. Peep Sam Rothstein fell in love with a ho’ though. Breaking all kind of mob rules lmfao.


#8. Half Baked

Yes! Yes! Everyone’s favorite stoner film. Yes Bob Sagat sucking dick for coke. Yes Buttercup. Yes Sir Smoke a lot.Yes Samson. Yes Jane being a big dyke. Yes Nigga going to weed college. Lmfao


#7. Forrest Gump

So question. Is Forrest Gump’s mama a ho? I mean think about it, she did give up the goods so Forrest can have a good “Schooling” hahahahahahaha. My favorite part is when the drill sergeant was yelling at Gump for assembling the weapon too fast, and Forrest’s face with the serious blank emotion “Cuz you told me too, Drill Sergeant!”


#6 Friday

No explanation needed!


#5 Coming To America.

What does dumb fuck means? I actually have soul glow as my ring tone!


#4 Step Brothers.

This was the hardest I’ve ever laughed inside a movie theater. there were infinite amount of jokes. Just look at their picture above. I bet you it didn’t even feel like work for these 2.  Came to interview as a team though. Please do not make a sequel.


#3 Transformers

Finally Michael Bays excessive explosions were justified. And finally did a movie company do justice to my childhood. Megatron was the shit. I am still mad that the didn’t resurrect Jazz in part 2. Why because he was black, huh? Can resurrect Optimus but not Jazz. LMFAO I’m just joking, Jazz should have knew his role. Trying to challenge Megatron as soon as Megatron comes to the fight. Megan Fox was hot as hell in this.


#2 Terminator 2

“Gibbons, you can’t just leave the desk like that!” I saw this the 1st time at my friends Jimmy house. He had this on Laser Disc and we were blown away by the sound effects. T1000 was relentless. If you can watch the deleted scenes and it explain a few questions about Skynet and Sara Conner’s fears.

#1. Tie between The Rock & Bebe’s Kids

My list my rules. Bebe’s kids is probably the most underrated Black time. Faizon Love did a great job doing Robin Harris’s voice. Very relatable cultural references. Now The Rock is also my favorite because it’s an action film here in the city. VX Gas is some real shit and that’s a great original story about mutiny at Alcatraz.





  1. “Coming to America” is a cult classic in the Black Community! The quotes alone can be a blog post.
    “That’ ain’t nothin’ but a ultraperm!”

    BTW, Forrest’s mama did what she had to do for her baby! So I wouldn’t exactly call her a ho! LOL!!! Let’s call her flexible…or how about motivated?

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