Tareau’s 10 Favorite Cars

Today when I look at cars, they all suck. Like really suck. I remember growing up not having a car and wishing to be in one of these cars I’m going to list. Could you imagine a kid today saying “OMG your moms impala gets 35 mpg on the highway? Excellent!” Yea so with that being said here is a list of some crappy cars I thought were bad ass growing up.

maxda rx7

10. 1985 Mazda X7.

Would love riding shotgun in these while someone is whippings. The official hood bucket of every ghetto across the US. Did I mention great fuel economy and rear wheel drive.



9. Early 2000s Acura TL. (Please click hyperlink below)

The only reason why this car mad my stupid list is because of this……


8. 1997 Dodge Viper

Vipers are some of the most unmentioned muscle cars. I wonder why? I always thought they looked futuristic with its long ass hood.


7. 2013 Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4

267 mph which makes this the fastest street legal car in the world. @ $1.7 million dollars cant nobody tell you anything, right?

1969 chevy truck

6. 1969 Chevy 3/4 ton truck box side

I actually had one of these. I  take care of it and my friends dad actually gave this to me as a gift. Wow was I stupid.

1990 5.0

5. 1990 Mustang 5.0

Some jerk I know has one of these just sitting in his drive way. The earth has reclaimed this vehicle as its own. Honestly I love boxy vehicles that are fast but man, this are fast, with probably the best handling on a small muscle car.


4. 1995 Chevy impala.

“SS sitting on 20s but I aint no muthafucking stunna” Quick $5 first person to tell me where that bar is from. This was a hood dream. Everyone wanted a proverbial bubble. Former police cars (Chevy Caprice Classic) with the LT1 Corvette Engine. Yes Yes I know I know blah blah blah. Just be in awe people

grand national

3. 1986 Grand National

Very Similar to its Monte Carlo cousin, This car was not to be fucked with. Most likely sthe owner of said vehicle would shoot you one site.

caprice classic

2. Any 4 door box Chevy Caprice

Wait! Except the 2 tone ones with that vinyl top. Notice I am only including original photos of these cars. Before candy paint and rims and all the other stupid shit we use to lust over.



1. 1970 Chevy Malibu SS.

The closest I ever came to driving this was never. But That cant stop a man from dreaming.

Ok so there is my crappy list. I didn’t get too in depth with reasoning because, well, because I’m too lazy today. but not lazy enough to show you my imaginary collection of cars. Also you’re probably wondering why the Bugatti is so low on my list (remember from 10-1) Well because I am a weird dude. hahahahahaha

Ciao Muthafuckas!



  1. So I drove a Mazda rx7 like the one you listed! LOL! I’ll confess, it was my boyfriend’s car but I had dibs!

    No you did not pull up in a “black SS with the NavigaTION!”

    Liked by 1 person

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