Tareau’s 10 Underrated women in hollywood

Yes yes yes. Another one of my list. I am paying homage to the beautiful ladies that rarely get mentioned. Because everyone wants to be Beyoncé or some other dumb chica, I’ve decided to go with that underrated lady. Guys would line up to get these ladies attention, if only Hollywood promoted them equally. Some of these names you might know, and some might be real head scratchers. This list was 3 months in the making. I love this diversity here. Me and my brain cells kept having arguments and brainstorming sessions on who was in and who was out. Somebody has to do this hard work. And I am not looking for any compensation. So here we go. Enjoy.

angell Conwell

10. Angell Conwell

You might remember her from Baby Boy, The Wash and (UGGGHHHH) Soul Plane. Yes my favorite scene of her is in the Wash, When she is hinting to Snoop Dogg that she has the right “ASSETS” to get the job done.


9. Roselyn Sanchez

First time I saw her was in that B-rated Jaime Foxx movie called “HELP UP” in the last 90’s. You might rememeber her from Rush Hour 2 and Without a trace. But I know her from my dreams.



8. Brenda Song

Yall know her from all the Disney shit but I know her from the Social Network movie.


7. Florence Kasumba

Don’t know much about this beaut, She was born in Uganda and raised in Germany. You might remember her from Captain America’s Civil War. She checked ScarJo without lifting a finger. She was Black Panther’s bodyguard. I was instantly a fan. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

paula graces

Paula Garces Bikini (1).jpg


6.Paula Garces.

Harold & Kumar? The Shield? Dangerous Minds? Man she is 42 years old man. Wow just stunning.


chicago 311011
America Ferrera Chicago – photocall held outside the Garrick Theatre. London, England – 31.10.11 Mandatory Credit: Daniel Deme/WENN.com

5. America Ferrera

Ugly Betty was actually #1 originally but I had a last minute change of mind. Why? She stars a new show called superstar and I was mad that she was married on the show (I know she’s married in real life but dam don’t step on my dreams man)


4.Constance Wu

Fresh Off The boat is the best comedy on TV but like Constance, It is slept on. Come on people please support this pretty lil lady. How can you resist that face?



3. Jordin Sparks.

I hate to see a talented, amazing, beautiful singer get constantly body shamed in the media. Man oh Man. Look at that body and tell me is there anything to shame? I don’t get Hollywood, I swear.


2. Elise Neal

NEGRO, Elise Neal is 50. Whattttttttttttt. Yes 50. ow can nevermind you know what just bask in the great accomplishment known to mankind. Yes 50. Money Talks, All of Us tv show, Hustle & Flow. I see you Mrs. Barron, Whoops I mean Ms. Neal. (In my Kenny Smith Voice 50 LADIES & GENTLEMEN)


#1. Tracee Ellis Ross

I would like to thank Diana Ross for this perfect creation. Nuff Said.







  1. Good list. Tracee looking good! I’ve always had a crush on Brenda Song too lol. And I’ve always had a thing for Rosario Dawson: it’s her spirit, and she actually has a brain.

    I like your lists man lol good stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lmao I was hooked on Rosario ever since kids. I didn’t put her on because a good friend of mines love Rosario. That’s his Hollywood crush. So out of respect hhahahahahah

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for checking it out, I really appreciate it. This was one of my hardest lists ever. I should do the 20-11. I love looking at women and I am attracted to the low key, hard working, underrated ladies 😆


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