The Kaepernick Conundrum vs. Black Power.

Black America Flag mapOk! I’ve been quiet on this Colin Kaepernick controversy. I like to analyze shit in my head before speaking. Knowing that there are 2 sides to every story (almost!) Colin Kaepernick’s position to not salute or stand during the National Anthem is a great thing for the United States. I think it’s bold and the definition of what America is supposed to be. However, I as a Black man and as a die-hard 49er fan thinks its BS. This feels like a contrived action on Colin’s behalf. I can guarantee you that if Colin was still in NFC Championship games, he would have not said anything. You can’t just grow your hair out into an Afro, donate $1 million dollars and all of a sudden be down. Considering that Colin Kaepernick is an Average QB on a good day, he is fighting for a roster spot. Never has he posted on social media about social injustices until a few months ago (38 weeks ago actually.) I have never seen him at Black Community outings in the Fillmore or Hunter’s Point.  His timing is very calculated and methodic. Like most celebrities today, pushing an agenda, it looks good on paper but has an ulterior motive. Using your blackness during controversy is Black Athlete 101. Prior to these past 38 weeks, his postings consisted of family, ladies, and baller-esq shit. Now he is posting on segregation, racism injustices of the Black man. 38 weeks ago? Come on people we can’t let the liberal media pull the proverbial wool over our eyes. Can’t you see that? For a man who has lived on social media, he picks now to say something.

Wasn’t Kaepernick injured 38 weeks ago? Michael Jordan, Beyoncé, Colin, Black Lives Matters, are all following the same formula. Pick and choose what to say and do because being black is now a profitable topic, then become the unofficial spokesperson for black america. Get into a social media spat with an opposite opponent Donate some money in exchange for street cred, and easily have your cult followers agree on every social injustice you deem worthy to speak of. Did I hit the nail on the head? This is about timing ya’ll. (This boondock clip is how I feel about today issues PLEASE CLICK)

Talib Kweli, 2pac, Common, Nas, Mos Def, Dead Prez (just to name a few) has always talked openly, candidly, bluntly about these topics. Before social media, before athletes selling their souls for the almighty dollar, before it was cool to be black, We had real leaders. I can’t put these new age, keyboard activists nowhere near the likes of Malcolm X, Angela Davis, Kareem Abdul Jabbar,  Jim Brown, Huey Newton, and Marcus Garvey. The reasoning? It is too fictional and watered down. I hope people realize that. These athletes today are not the leaders of yesteryear. My self and founder Dave Max Allen, has talked about this in previous posts ad nauseam. You might say “Well Tareau, Colin is doing exactly what you would like the athletes to do.” Nope. I’ll never agree to that. I’ll stick by my previous theory of this being contrived. Once again, where are the prominent athletes? Floyd Mayweather, Terrell Suggs, Steph Curry etc? If a Black athlete wants me as a fan or consumer to buy into their brand or products, then I expect a certain amount of pride from you. You want me to spend $200 on sneakers, $3,000 on camps for my kids, $300 on jersey but not speak up when we get treated differently? It is somewhat a slap in the face. People will say I am a hater. People will say I am jealous. (OF??) But I know this action is not genuine.

Now what Colin has done is completely brave. He used his social media connections to educate the United Twitter of America on the truths behind this country’s forefathers. Truths on what WE as BLACK people has been saying for decades. I wish he would have done this during the NFC Championship era. Really create some controversy. Not a peep. Now he is not a distraction due to the 49ers sucking so he figures to create some controversy. We still will be 5-11 for the next 5 years or so. We still have AVERAGE quarterbacks and below average receivers. Will the inevitable monkey see monkey do culture help our current situation? No? Will mixing football & politics benefit the 49ers? Yes $$$$$$$ duh. Will prominent athletes of the fairer skin stand up with colored people and protest? (Hahahahahahahahahahaha riiiiigggghhhttt) Hell No. Could you imagine a Tom Brady or a Drew Brees saying “Francis Scott Key was a racist and I will not stand up because ALL LIVES MATTER!!” (side note if all lives matter, where are all the white athletes at talking about black issues, if our lives are equal?)hahahahahahahaahahahahahahaahahahaahhahahahaahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaahahh no way that will never happen.

I feel bad that this generation has to succumb to meritocracy when it comes to true leadership. I can’t imagine my daughter hanging Colin Kaepernick’s picture on her wall depicting a leader. It is laughable. Unfourtantley for me, this is what gets you the views, or the likes or follows. The agenda doesn’t have to be real or genuine anymore, just the thought or imagery of it. I told you guys prior that the revolution will no longer be televised, but Vined, Insta, Tweeted, etc. It’s true.

One could argue and say things like “Tareau what are these athletes suppose to do or say? You want them to risk their career for you?” Well my answer is simple. “DON’T I RISK MY LIFE TO STAND IN LINE TO BUY JORDAN’S?”And like I previously stated, I am spending my hard-earned money to buy your product, than hell yes.” I’ll wait for your response. I know I am not going to get killed or jack for my Hakeem Olajuwon’s!!! See not isolated at all. That $1 Trillion dollar buying power that everyone is now speaking of is only thrown around when it benefits ones pockets.

In conclusion folks, this topic is a hot commodity and in this inclusion society we now , everyone wants their opinion noted. But what happens when we stray away from the real issue here? This is a distraction to what is really going on. There is minimal coverage on the Louisiana Flood. I tried googling it a few days ago and like my friend (Monte Tom) all I got was Taylor Swift references of her donating money. So this is the wool over our eyes. Let’s lift up the wool and clean up the real issues.




    • Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. Yea I agree. Just as a die hard 49er fan and a black man who has followed Kaepernick since his final year in college, this just seems fishy. Example today he is meeting with Rev Amos Brown at San Francisco’s 3rd Baptist Church to talk to black leaders. He has never been to this historic church nor mentioned it prior. Everyone is telling me things like “Why does it matter that he’s not an elite athlete, he is down with the movement” I can’t genuinely believe he would of done this if things were going well. Kaepernick is no stranger to controversy. Not a peep of his blackness when San Francisco wanted to trade him to Denver. Not a peep when John Elway wanted him to take a pay cut.

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    • Hell no. Trust me on this one. He is playing the proverbial black athlete card all of a sudden. Never was a peep about his blackness until his job was on the line. I followed him ever since he was in college he is a very smart kid he is no stranger to controversy however he was scheduled to attend Third Baptist Church here in San Francisco on Sunday to meet with black leaders and he cancel a lot of people are against me on this one and it’s no problem but I know this guy and I know for fact this is the doing of his girlfriend who is a social online black activist you can’t just grow an afro and donate money to the black community to justify your blackness. These actions prove how gullible we as black people are all it takes is recognition and some money and all of a sudden you’re the second coming of Huey Newton? I’m speaking as a die-hard Niners fan and also a black man. It’s the same way how Michael Jordan is now down with Black people. I wish everybody would see these athletes for the sellouts that they are

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      • Oh yeah, I get the MJ thing because he was all, “I’m just about the game.” Meanwhile, kids were getting killed over his sneakers.
        I feel comfortable deferring to you on the other dude. You know waaaay better than I do. LadyG was just stirring up the pot! LOL!

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      • Lmfao I’m sorry if I sounded defensive. That’s the bad things about texting and typing. You cant determine the emotion. Always good to stir the pot and question things. I’m just calling a spade a spade and Kaepernick is a fraud. Not a peep on Instagram about his new found blackness until 38 weeks ago while he was rehabbing his shoulder. Prior to that nothing

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