America’s Rape Culture

Before we get started, this might be a sensitive subject for some. It talks blatenely about rape and sexual assualts. If you do not want to read or hear about this topic, please click away.
So you want to make this country great again, huh? Let’s start by NOT blaming rape and sexual assault victims. Brock Turner got off way to light. What’s even worse is the amount of support criminals get when it comes to these situations. (see letter above) But 3 months and he gets to go back home? What is more disgusting about this country? The treatment of minorities? Or the glorified white male privilege that exists? This “RAPE CULTURE” we now live in, is not talked about at all in the mass media. Understanding that there is 2 sides to a story, we are now blaming the alleged victims for their past indiscretions or sexual partners before a trial date. Athletes can get by on this because of their high-priced lawyers. Corporations will stick by them until a public outcry.
We will use San Francisco for example. San Francisco’s WAR (Women Against Rape) Stated that 1 out of every 4 women in the city is sexual assaulted. 25%.  According to San Francisco has about 397,000 women who live in the city. So you’re telling me that a fourth of the ladies will get assaulted (99,250) with only a 23% conviction rate? (22,828) Is this largely due to how tough it is for prosecutors to do their job here? Possible. Is it because of the various news outlets we have here refusing to report on these things? Probably. Or is it because the police and their superiors are not properly trained when handling rape or assault victims? Probably? Or is it the fear that victims get knowing that something completely bad and disgusting happened to them and their attackers will spread rumors about them to gain sympathy? Yes and Yes. No debate there. Or is it because this is a time where white male privilege is bustling with defending actions of “Boys will be Boys!” BINGO. (All of these scenarios I mentioned makes up the RAPE CULTURE here in the city that I am talking about) Talk to any woman in the in modern culture today and they can tell you all about possible rapes and sexual assaults. Which bar to stay away from, which parties not to go to, which colleges you are more likely raped or assaulted at. Who not to hang out with. You think I’m bull shitting? No way.  Talk to women between 18-25 and they will tell you that Stanford is nicknamed “RAPE University”even before the Brock Turner assault. Now we also has to understand that if a victim decides to be brave enough to speak out after the assault, there should be an extreme case of anonymity and safety of said victim. It’s not easy to tell people what happened when you didn’t want something to happen. School officials at universities, churches, law enforcement, coaches, teachers, CEO’s, Owners, Presidents etc, should be trained on what to do in these situations. Rapes and Sexual assaults happen everywhere. In our homes, at our jobs, in our vehicles, at our stores, at our places of worship. Everywhere. But yet if this crime happens everywhere, why isn’t EVERYONE some what trained or knowledgeable on the proper procedures? I know you might say that “it’s a little far fetch” but just imagine if it happened to you, your love one or a friend and you weren’t there to help out. Wouldn’t you want the best for the victim? You also have to consider that once a victim goes through the motion of a trial, the accusers attorney is going to attack the victim. It’s unfortunate but it’s a hidden factor that is rarely talked about during these trials. And we wonder why so many brave victims do not want to go to trial. Imagine hearing things like “It’s your fault” after your life changing encounter. Wouldn’t you want reassurance from the law enforcements that they will treat them with respect, and complete their investigation with the fullest extent of decorum? I would. I wouldn’t want any backlash from my (hypothetical folks) daughters employer if she got sexually assaulted at work. Or anyone elses daughter? Why do you think victims come out years later on Sexual Assualts? Also remember that the actual assualter has no distinctive look. Imagery means nothing. Brock Turner, Bill Cosby, Jared Fogle, and Jerry Sandusky were all traditional “clean cut” images of American males. See we can’t judge a book by it’s cover anymore. Not today folks.
Getting back to the 2 sides to every story quote, it is true. Some guys can be manipulated by a woman who wants a payout. We hear about it all the time. But those women do not represent actual victims. It makes it very hard for actual victims to come forward and to do their job. Remember that groupie who slept with almost all of the San Francisco 49ers players during their championship run? That’s why I always say there is 2 sides to every story.
What a lot of dudes here don’t realize is that pussy is everywhere. (sorry ladies it’s true) If you are looking for just consensual, no strings attached sex, The bay area is the place to be for that. Women have sexual freedom here and can have various sexual partners without being labeled a “ho.” You can be promiscuous here in San Francisco and still be respected. It’s a new ball game. But promiscuity is not a green light for sex. You still need permission. Just because you date a porn star or stripper does not mean anything. I was put on game about this when I was 14. Most dudes still don’t know that. No doesn’t mean yes. That was a notion in the 50’s that “Persistence will pay off, son. That’s how I got your mother!” That’s the mentality that men would tell their sons back then. And remember, women really didn’t’ have a choice. So that mentality gets engrained in these privileged boys and they were to think that, constant annoyance is how you got the girl. Persistence can be a good thing, if it’s wanted from said woman. Respect is taught at a young age. If you’re not taught how to respect women, then you might not learn how to. Just because a woman wears a low cut blouse or short skirt, doesn’t mean she’s a whore. She could just be hot or wanted a cute outfit to wear out. Just like if you go to the club and buy a lady a drink, she is not obligated to dance with you afterwards.
I write this today because as you know I am a father of 3. My 11 year old daughter and I talk about rape and assualts from time to time. As of right now, she is watching Law & Order about an episode involvoing rape. This wasn’t a hard topic for me to talk about but it can come off as unsettling and controversial. I do not apoligize for those feelings. We have to have a dialogue of some sort about this. I’m 100% positive that I won’t be the last guy to weigh in on this. I hope you enjoyed reading this and know that I am 100% with the victims. Create a better environment for the victims and give them their space and privacy and if they choose to talk or pursue then help them. If they choose not to pursue then you have to understand why they made that descion. It’s their lives not ours. We are the community that will help them when it’s time.


  1. Well said! I get so angry because of things like this. The rape of course in the first place but then also the ridiculous “punishments” the rapists get. It’s everywhere. The USA, here in Australia, in my home country Switzerland… Everywhere. They seem to just be able to walk away… Because there is always an excuse… Always… An excuse that is ridiculous… I wonder often if the judges don’t have daughters. I wonder if the jury don’t have daughters. Or sons. Sons can be raped too. Do you want your kids to experience it? Do you want your children to end up being scumbags like this? Most definitely not. So why not enforcing a harsher punishment???

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    • 1st of all thank you for reading and liking my post. It’s said that everyone is scared to talk about this. Rape affects everyone and everything. I’m tired of shit being swept under the rug due to status and money. What’s sad is I could punch Brock Turner and get more time in Jail for his actions in the rape on that young lady. The system is broken but everyone goes on as business as usual. People need to take a stance.

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  2. It is sickening how rape, sexual assault, is viewed by the masses and the legal system in many ways. What is it about rape that makes people think that it is such a trivial crime, not worthy of severe punishment? Why do they think that twenty minutes of fun violating someone’s daughter, sister, mother should be overlooked and are scandalised and heartbroken if their son, brother, father is deemed to be a criminal and incarcerated for however many terms the law sees fit?

    I’ll tell you why. Some men believe that they are superior to women. They see women as playthings. They see their penis as an extension of themselves and their indulgence in the pleasure principle which they see as their right rather than an appendage for procreation. Some men are arrogant and have no respect for anyone, let alone women. The men who rape and assault women are mindless thugs. They are not sweet, loving individuals who have anything to give back to society. A twenty-minute rape incident is not a mistake or a moment of weakness. The “mistake” only comes about when the victim has the temerity to come forward and admit what has been done to her. If the mistake never comes to light, it then does not become mistake, but years later will become “locker room” talk and a trophy situation.

    For goodness sake, relatives of men who rape and sexually assault women, do not allow your shame and guilt to excuse them from what is criminal behaviour. They are not to be pampered. If someone steals from you, they go to prison. If someone murders another person they go to prison. Ahhh, but if you rape someone, you need to go to health spa and be pampered because you are broken and cannot live your full authentic life, because the awful person that you raped has reported it and ruined your life.
    Get over it!!!

    Well done Tareau for expressing your disgust at such a wicked and evil state of affairs. This is not easy to write about because pack mentality is very much to the fore. There are a lot of people who will not agree with your take on this. You are a very brave person. We need more men like you to speak out and stand up for what we know to be the right thing to do in situations such as this.

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