Tareau’s top 15 Cartoons of his lifetime.

Yes that is my tattoo on the geautures image. Gives away what #1 is right. Ok lots of I’m sorry’s. Transformers, Heathcliff, Eek the Cat, Tasmania, GI Joe, Batman The Animated Series, Wayne head, The Go Bots, Spiderman, Kim Possible, Iron Man, Fantastic 4, Captain Planet, MC Hammer, Duck Tales, and Looney Tunes all did not make it. These are the hard choices every great leader has to make. And also ladies and gents this is MY LIST.

15. Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget had to be one of the dumbest leads for a cartoon in cartoon history. Brain and Penny did everything for this moron. Dr. Claw and the Mad agents some of the tightest super villains and cartoon history. The fact that you never saw Dr. Claws face was incredible. Also I used to get juiced when the gadget mobile transformed into that sick ass Toyota Supra looking car. Classic!

14. Thundercats

Growing up I used to think that I was Lionel. I loved Cheetara too. I really hated Snarf and his punk ass whining. 

13. Animaniacs 

Man remember Pinky and The Brain? The Goodfeathers? Yakko,Wakko, and Dot? I really miss cartoons with multiple characters and stories. I swear us 80s and 90s babies had the best TV and cartoon shows. 

12. Muppet Babies

Before Kermit the Frog was an internet meme sensation, he was the leader of the courageous and adventurous cast of baby Muppets. We never saw what Nanny looked like (Alá Dr.Claw from Inspector Gadget)but her striped socks were very annoying. My favorite character was Gonzo with his stupid corny jokes. Can you believe that he actually wanted to get with Miss Piggy?

11. Garfield and Friends

My sister and I would laugh non-stop at Odie getting kicked off of the table. What was ironic about that bit was Garfield would announce that he was going to kick Odie off the table. Also sending Nermal to places like Abu Dhabi via USPS was classic. Garfield and his laziness is an art forms. Just ask his protégé Janova M. Conner.(that’s my sister folks)

10. Doug.

The Doug Funnie theme song has to be one of the most turnt up cartoon themes of all time. (Did I just say turnt up? Even worse I typed it, so now it is admissible to the public) Doug was a nerd who wanted to fit in but he would always have some sort of issue. Whether being shy around his love interest Patty Mayonnaise, or taking advice from his goofy neighbor Mr. Dink, or even just hanging with his best friend, Skeeter, Douglass Funnie was a cool nerd in my book. 

9. Tiny Tunes.

Get it because they used to sing alot!! Tunes not toons? Ohh that’s right. Tiny Tunes was a very versatile cartoon in my opinion. It talked about alot of tween issues. Pimples, bullying, crushes but it still had slapstick comedy. Fav Character was Montana Max. His raw ass doorbell. 

8. Rugrats

Probably the cutest cartoon of my generation (yea I can say it now I’m a father), Rugrats had it all as well. Adventures on top of putting up with an annoying older cousin, and Reptar. Man I wanna go back to the early 90’s hahahahahha.

7. South Park

Groundbreaking. Even though the animation started off very crudely the laughter was infinite. I don’t really watch too much South Park today, but the memories are burned into my head. 

6. X-MEN The Animated Series

Yes. Finally a cartoon that kicked ass, right. The story lines in the cartoons is what the X-MEN movies should have resembled. Wolverine was a perfect example of badassness. They blew it on the 5th season with new voices and new animators. Sighhhhhhhhh.

5. Beavis & Butt head

My introduction to rock and roll music and heavy metal was because of this cartoon. As controversial as this cartoon was it taught me a few life lessons. Never play with a chainsaw, and never piss your coach off. Hahahaahahahahaha

4. American Dad

Hahahahhahahaha. I’m laughing because just look at Roger’s face. From Roger’s disguises, to Steve’s wimpy ness, To Stan’s self righteous right wing views, this cartoon is as original as it gets. What about how Steve can sing though? Fool got a voice.

3. The Boondocks 

Aaron McGruder, I have a bone to pick with you. I know you were upset with studio executives and you were also in the midst of creating Black Jesus, but brotha? Why did you leave season 4 in the hands of amateurs? Before that you had a Chappelle show-esq, knowledgeable, fun filled brand. Uncle Ruckus was the only reason I watched season 4. Lmfao.

2. Family Guy

Peter fighting the chicken, Stewie and Brian’s adventure, the constant disrespect that Meg receives. Took me a while to like.Family Guy because they were beefing with my #1 Cartoon and I’m loyal.

1. The Simpsons

Yes that’s a tattoo of Homer I have. I got it in 2002. No explanation needed for my #1’s right?

Well folks another day another list. Please share and like our pages at thecouchsports.com. Also tell us who you would include or leave off. Ok I gotta go. I just poured some Blue Kool Aid. What? Don’t shake your heads folks. I’m thirsty. What? I’m tired of drinking water. Y’all leave me alone. Hahhahhahahah



  1. How bout in high school my boyfriend wanted to watch Thundercats! He up there yelling “Ho!” when the man said, “Thundercats, thundercats!” LOL!!!

    Boondocks KILLS!!! Still waiting for Black Jesus (I know it’s not a cartoon)

    Always the Simpsons; used to watch it with a group in college.

    Looney Tunes! YAAAASSSSS!

    Every year we watch Garfield’s Halloween Special!

    I could go on but this is your post!

    See I knew I like you for some reason! You good people Tareau! LOL


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