Prepping…For a real Winter

Nope, I’m not in Kansas California anymore! T-minus 2 months until my first showdown with Old Man Winter.


Yes, that dude.

So, I’m getting ready early. Real early. I’ll give you a sneak peak into my (fashionable) winter plans.


This beautiful shoe is the Air Force 1 Duck boot. I been into Nike boots, for a while—winter or not. I’m assuming 2 or possibly 3 pairs of socks will do the trick.


I’m not one to wear the same shoes everyday, so these Nike Nevist 6’s will be in rotation as well. Did I mentioned I like Nike boots?


You know what I plan on being? Warm! And I might wear ugly christmas sweaters under it all winter too!!


Just discovered this little ditty today! Something tells me a black man in a ski mask will throw some people off….. but I bet I’ll be warmer than their alarmed asses


See what I’ll be dealing with? I may need to walk around with an electric blanket and a bear skin hat. Any tips you winter veterans have for a California transplant?



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