Decision or The Catch?


I’m sure Coach Jack Del Rio is walking around like Vince McMahon all week after that ballsy call.

Going for two with the game on the line! Opening day!

The result is either “same ol’ Raiders” or “the Raiders have arrived”

The Raiders were the sexy pick for the pundits this offseason. Why? This team is loaded with young talent. And the youth was on display Sunday. Second year player Amari Cooper Caught 6 passes for 137 yards. Rookie running back Jalen Richard broke off a 75 yard run, that made me tired looking at it. Again, Youth. Third year signal caller Derek Carr had the best opening day in his young career: 319 yards, hitting 8 different receivers. But it took some sure fire hands from a not-so-mediocre receiver, that made the Raiders 1-0. Week one winners for the first time since 2011…Shout out to Hue Jackson!


Yea that guy! Unbothered

The story will most definitely be about the balls of steel call coach Del Rio made. Nothing wrong with that. But if you look beyond the surface, the call will cover up the deficiencies of the allegedly revamped Oakland defense. Giving up 423 yards through the air, and 4 receiving touchdowns. $40 million man Sean Smith got benched after that final straw of getting cooked for 98 yards happened. Coach put the man out of his misery. Drew Brees rarely had any pressure on him, the Saints running backs had hallway sized holes to run through, and Willie Snead IV had a field day. A man with golden locks, with a name that sounds like a 16th Century king.

Latavius Murray had a subpar day, despite some big runs—that showed flashes of what could be. Khalil Mack failed to show up, and Bruce Irvin looked a hot mess. But the whole defense looked a hot mess. DJ Hayden…was DJ Hayden.

Dear Reggie,

When will you cut ties with your 2013 draft pick, and admit he was not a good selection? The Nation wants to know.


But facts will be drowned out by the high scoring and the amazing reality show style drama in New Orleans. The back and forth shoot out. Capped off by this:


The question is this: Was it Coach Del Rio’s decision that deserves credit or the catch from Michael “Sure Hands” Crabtree?

With the Falcons coming to The Town next week, with another quarterback with a nice arm, will the defense get it’s act together? Or will Coach have to Show his balls on national television again?


Much like combat sports,the team can’t let it keep coming down to a decision.


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