Assault on Our Intelligence

There is a chance this wont be read, well because reading isn’t cool. People treat reading as if it were a chore. Reading according to popular culture, doesn’t make you rich. Nor does it make you famous. Reading is only deemed ok if it’s about what celebrity is fucking who, behind another celebrities back. And it has to have a  lot of pictures, for the people who like to skim, and judge.

Being rich, famous, and having  more social media followers than one can count. Isn’t that what it’s all about nowadays? We consume a steady diet to our subconscious, with a nutritional value of zero. Full plates of dissatisfaction, with a side of not good enough. Served with a tall glass of, you deserve this over-priced…  The brain washing is beyond real, and it’s been a full blown assault on attention spans, and intellects for years now. The simplistic state society is in, is amazing. People would rather look at pictures than read, rather see “reality” television and drama than anything educational. Ironically, we live in the information age but people seem to be getting dumber. It’s cool to not know. And it’s ok, because technology.

That’s right, smartphones, and tablets do everything for us. Thomas Guide? What’s that? Google maps may take you WELL out of your way, but technology. I love the art of marketing. A company convinces you, that you need some expensive item in your life, without telling to to buy it. A commercial makes an item look like  it makes your life easier. Enhances it. Makes you the cool friend.

How many times have you seen people scrolling their timelines while walking, shopping, even driving?

10 humans, 10 phones, standing 2 feet from each other. How much human interaction you think will take place? Human interaction? Whats that? Add me on…

No one knows anything anymore, outside of a famous persons latest purchase. Most people couldn’t hold an intelligent conversation without fidgeting for their phones within 5 minutes. When’s the last time you had a conversation about the last book you’ve read?

I realize I run a sports and culture website, and football is back. But I’ve been running experiments. I notice how viewership skyrockets north when there are tons of pictures involved. Top 10 list do great numbers. But it’s amazing how much hard work and research one can put into a well written piece– only to not see the fruits of your labor, do to the lack of photographic stimuli.

Who runs the world? Better yet, who signs your paychecks?

Those in charge were too busy for distractions. They now have time because  you’re doing the work they outsourced to you for a small fraction of what they are getting to own the place. Unfair? Not really, it’s called natural selection. In other words, only the strong will survive, and those predisposed to do the bare minimum will will be at the bottom. You get out of this world what you put in it. And right now most of us aren’t putting in shit.

All the jobs that pay extremely well require intelligence. As in knowledge. Engineering degrees, math, science, and the like. I get you can also become a self made business owner, but in order to perfect your craft, you have to know it. Which involves research. Which involves… reading.

The most ironic part of this whole piece, is I wrote about something that may not be done to this very article.



  1. Great piece Dave! I’ve had these thoughts often and verbalized them several times, to anyone who I thought might give a d— LOL, It’s amazing how what you have stated is the case.

    I often write lengthy pieces with only a few illustrations, if any, both on my blog and on Facebook. Readership ranges from 0-10 likes and a couple of responses.

    To keep from being discouraged I had to develop an “I don’t give a —-” attitude. I write for myself and whoever else likes to read.

    I thought about shortening my pieces but, resisted. I just put it out there and let the chips fall.

    It sucks that it’s that way. I have son who’s graduated from college, with honors, none-the-less, and still, he very seldom reads anything that he doesn’t just HAVE to read.

    Real knowledge is out of reach for these people, unfortunately.

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    • Exactly! It is discouraging at times, and you’re right you have to do this for you. Stretch your intellectual muscles. Other wise we are no better than everyone else who rather have everything dumbed down. The funniest part is sharing it on Facebook or other mediums, and not have the numbers reflect the stats on WordPress. However I really enjoy the community environment on WordPress. The like minded individuals on here keep me going.

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      • Hi Dave,
        First, this is a great post and so important. And no Gawd, these folks ain’t trying to read nothing too deep.
        Sometimes, I’ll test people by mentioning them in my post and they’ll like it and comment without acknowledging the mention. When I ask them what they thought about the mention, they’ll say, “Oh I missed that!”
        How the fuck do you miss your own name? LOL!!!!
        Anyway, when you reblog it’s always best to write something before it that says, for example, “Hey, I really enjoyed this, written by Ronbrownx from The Time Tunnel. When you hit the reblog button, you’ll see a window to add that information.
        Anyway, if you haven’t already, peep this Professor, Author and Speaker named Dr. Dennis Kimbro from Clark-Atlanta University. He be giving jokers fits about our lack of knowledge and how all we do as Blacks is consume useless shit. He urges us to use our noggin and READ, READ, READ.
        Sometimes I wonder how in the hell it is that we are still sleep!
        PS: Dr. Kimbro’s best point was about how when they were trying to fund the MLK, Jr Monument Nike and Adidas said NOPE- As much money as we spend on their shit and they didn’t wanna give a dime to a MLK monumnent? I call bullshit!


      • Thank you thank you for liking what I wrote. To your point, I’m very irritated by the lack of caring by us. The lack of reading, or even acknowledging academics in the first place. We are so lost, and I’m tired of how we look to the world. Thank you for telling me how to solve the reblog riddle, that was an interesting puzzle trying to solve lol

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      • No problem Dave.
        I am happy to help.
        By the way, let me know what you think about Dr. Dennis Kimbro. Go check him out on Youtube. I don’t know the brother personally but he is vested in trying to get us as black folks to step that game up 🙂

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