Weight Loss Challenge

Who wants to join me in a good ‘ol fashioned weight loss challenge? You don’t have to tell the world your exact weight if you don’t want. But, I do expect honesty every Friday when telling if you lost or gained—and how much. I’m not the only one not where they want to be in this category, so if you’re game let me know. We can all hold each other accountable. I’m looking to hold this challenge through the rest of 2016. Contact me if you’re down!




  1. I’m absolutely down for this. I used to be heavy into bodybuilding, but this past year, I’ve had so many commissioned art projects, I stopped going to the gym. This is the kick in the pants I need to get back at it!

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    • Coo bro. I plan to make a great attempt at letting go of sweets/sugar. I too use to work out, now I just eat lol. But yea we’ll defeat the unhealthy ghost as a group. Let’s check in on each other and encourage one another. I’ll post my results of lost or gained, even Friday starting next week. Anyone else that’s down can do the same and I’ll post results when everyone is comfortable.

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