Black Pain

The Extinction of the American Black.
Close your eyes for a moment and Picture your life full of torement, the Only equality we get is from entertaining their performances

We’re looked at as sex machines, Crackheads, dancers, with long Weaves, But get shot and handcuffed with our hands up on live TV

Put on display and displaced from our Homes The middle passage and Gentrification process is fresh in our Bones

We get auctioned in abundance         White cleaned us out like detergents. Only time we feel United is when America is fighting insurgents

Beating and bloodstricking,                     We worshipped their religion,                 The same one they swear by before they Rape our children

Far away from home.                                   We were dragged from our thrones United these States in shackles All while Praising their Lord

Fabricated fear they cross the street When we’re near.                                       And refuse us services as equals.       Unless you sponsor their beer
We’re too strong together.                     They need us divided                             Killing each other over and over.           Will keep them United

Turned their back on us gave us the Coldest of shoulder.                               That’s why you look at a Black Man’s back and it’s rock hard like a boulder



      • I think the solution is simple for us black people. Stop spending our money. With the alleged $1 Trillion dollar buying power we have, just start saving it or reinvest it within our community. Police policies will never change but they’re funded by our tax dollars. It’s simple. We stop spending, they’ll stop mass hirings

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      • I know this is going to sound crazy but we had a better business infrastructure during segregation. We had to have a black person in just about every profession (Physicians, Undertakers, Shopkeepers, Restaurant Owners, and the list goes on.)
        After segregation we stop patronizing the black business so we could assert our ‘right’ to, for example, eat at white owned restaurants and shop at white owned stores.
        Don’t get me wrong, separate was not equal when it came to provisions from the government like public transportation and schools etc; so things needed to change there but did we have to close all our shit down to go to their shit? Leaving black owned businesses in the dust?
        I was telling Dave about a professor, author and speaker named Dr. Dennis Kimbro. He is heavily focused on the development of black wealth. If you haven’t please go check him out on Youtube. I love listening to his stuff. He is truly schooling us!

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  1. My man! Good stuff! This is a fire piece! I love your grasp of history and discussion of religion here.

    Did you intentionally format it like this? (with the lines disjointed and beginning on the right hand side in many spaces) Or did the website shift it around?

    I am asking because if you formatted it all disjointed like that, it makes your point even more. It sends the message that blackness suffers so much that creates total chaos and disorder. It reminds me of the Zong Poems:

    Click to access Zong-text-excerpts-for-SummerWorks.pdf

    Keep up the good work!

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  2. Really powerful words and understanding. The format is brilliant although as you say unintentional. Can I ask you to visit my site riceandpeas to see my poem on slavery: it is called Remember Us. I think you might agree with what I have to say about how the slave trade has been played down and how little there is in the way of commemoration for those who lived and perished during that most disturbing period in our history.

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    • Thank you Ms. Mariewilliams53 for reading. I will check out your work asap. Yes unfortunately, I was using the app and it shifted some lines. I can’t take credit for it.

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      • Never mind Tareau – the “app” must have known that it had to make your poem even better than it already was.:) You will find it on my “About Page” Go to that page and you will see the link to riceandpeas. Any problems get back to me.

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      • Wow very powerful. The line that hit me the most was “Existing only on a ledger.” That hit me hard because our black southern families still have “Negro” or “Colored” on their birth certificate. How our history was lost and identities stolen. Very inspirational piece

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      • Thank you so much. True dat! Existing only on a ledger: just a name on a ledger and not even our own name. One that they forced on our ancestors. They have a lot to answer for. I’m so pleased that you have commented and were inspired.

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      • You are too kind! 🙂 Take your time and read them and let me know what you think. Your comments are very important to me. Peace love and Nappiness to you too. By the way what is Nappiness?? I stopped wearing nappies a very long time ago. lol

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      • Hahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaauhaua. Peace Love and Nappiness was a rap album by the group Lost Boyz. I always say it for some reason

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