Scoring by Committee. They’ll take em’ how the can get em’

sf-vs-seaTomorrow, my 49ers are facing the Peregrine Falcons (whoops I mean the Seattle Seahawks. Hey the Peregrine Falcon is the fastest animal on this planet and it is a seahawk.)

Both teams are 1-1 and although the rivalry doesn’t appease the American households as it did in years past, it’s still an important game for both teams. Not because of the protest by the National Anthem but because the road to the NFC Championship Game, I feel, lies in the NFC West. Considering my early pick is the Arizona Cardinals winning the NFC, The Seahawks can not be counted out. I say this is an important game for the 49ers because our defense will be a measuring stick. Keep in mind I know suck for the next 3 to 5 years. 5-11 or 6-10 territory. We are not going to talk about Week 1’s great defense against the L.A. Rams, because well, they are the Rams. You’re supposed to beat up weaker teams. (weird conundrum that the Rams beat the Seahawks last week in week 2). I’m anxious to see if Chip Kelly will do a no-huddle offense and actually stick to it, like he did in week 1 against the Rams. Week 2, we played the Panthers and it was a shoot out. At one point, Chip shied away from the no huddle offense, and the Panthers stopped us multiple times on “3 and outs.” Will he do that against the Seahawks? Will he open up the playbook? How will the defense fair against Seattle’s defense? Will the predictable play calling on offense get us in trouble early? (You know what I mean, I formation handoff to Carlos Hyde on 1st down, Singleback handoff to Carlos Hyde on 2nd down, Screen pass to any receiver of 3rd down, Punt on 4th down!!) Blaine’s 3rd down conversion ratio in 2 games 12/31 and that’s terrible.


That is why I named this post “Scoring by Committee. They’ll take em’ how the can get em’.” Due to the this isn’t your grandpapa’s 49ers. This isn’t West Coast Offense. LMFAO Jerry Rice isnt walking through that door. (If he does it’ll be to watch the game, but you know what I mean). This is the bottom of the barrel, scrap it out and take what we can get football, which is an unfamiliar territory to 49er lore. (not me but the 49ers fans who bring up yesteryear). Our #1 n at receiver is supposed to be Torrey Smith, who had a solid game last week with 3 receptions @ 55yards with a touchdown. Problem is he is a deep threat who doesn’t have the QB with the arm strength to find him down field, which limits his ability to get open in the secondary. Last week against the Carolina Panthers, we also struggled running the ball with a total of 65 rushing yards from the offense. Terrible. Just terrible. It’s like what Steve Young was saying in week 1 against the Rams, “If you don’t have a deep threat, you can blitz all day and play man to man with the secondaries.” that’s exactly what Carolina did with us. Our defense is amazing and there is no need of being critical of them because the offense isn’t doing its job. This offense needs help fast. Don’t let that week one win be your fools gold now. We will see what we are made up tomorrow. Till then, stay thirsty my friends




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