The Golden State Warriors 2016/17 Season Preview

Forgive but don’t forget!! Clearing the Air!!

tareauBecause I know I WONT forget. That face illustrates my point, right? I can forgive them for that finals lost, but I cant forget them, right? Man imagine, We could be Back to Back Champions right now. Steph Curry, What happened man? Did all the hype and advertisement get to you? You literally choked in the finals. I will forgive you but I wont forget. The Finals is all that matter at this point. I don’t care about records. All I care about is another ring. Even if y’all lose, please go hard. Cleveland wanted it more and we were out coached. I need to see you make it up to me by getting a little more vocal. You are the face and this your team and KD is going to do KD. You need to become a man on the court and tell people when they are messing up (Ahem Klay) With that being said lets move on. Ha.

klay mad.jpg


The Klay Alexander Thompson Effect

  1. Ok, as we know there isn’t much of a story here. KD is with us and now bandwagon mania is at Adderall-esq proportions. Fans are literally pumped up for this season.Imagine seeing little 8 year old girls get hyped over Taylor Swift. That’s the mindset for the fandom here in the Bay Area. I wrote about MY personal feelings about this month’s ago, so I will just focus on the meat and potatoes of my Golden State Warriors. The biggest X-factor going into this season will be Klay Thompson’s will. Everyone knows what he can do when he’s on fire. But when he is not hot from downtown, his defense suffers. With the addition to KD, Klay’s shots and touches will go down. We don’t need a grown man sulking when his shots aren’t going in. What happens when he starts off 2 for 10 from the field?


  2. Will Coach Steve Kerr encourage him to keep shooting, being a liability in the offense or will coach sit him down and talk to him and encourage him to be a playmaker 2 guard? For the Warriors to win this championship it comes down to Klay. KD, Steph, Draymond, and Iggy, all knows their roles. Will Klay fall in line? Will teams pursue to pry away Klay from our super team? Will Klay be willing to come off the bench, if things are bad? To say that Steve Kerr has to make adjustments, is the understatement of the year. Let’s rake a look at our roster so You can see what I’m talking about..

C. Zaza Pachulia
PF. Draymond Green
SF. Kevin Durant
SG. Klay Thompson
PG. Steph Curry

6th. Andre Iguodola

7th. Shaun Livingston

8th. David West

9th. Ian Clark

10th. Patrick McCaw

11th. Anderson Varejo

12th. Kevin Looney


Damien Jones

Now as of right now, we have Javale McGee signed to our training camp roster, but I doubt he can make the team due to his me 1st attitude and his history dealing with injuries. McGee, when healthy is a solid defensive player and a rim protector, but he is too fragile. It’s a low risk high reward move on the Warriors behalf. If he pans out, We pay him a couple million dollars, if he doesn’t, oh well his contract isn’t guaranteed. Damien Jones injured his shoulder and should be ready for scrimmage by December/January. Which leaves young shooting guard Patrick McCaw. McCaw will score in this system but he will get ate up by Damian Lillard or even a lower tier PG like a Darren Collison. McCaw has great range, but we have too many shooters already. Our biggest surprise this off-season is signing a veteran tough guy who isn’t soft and wants to play for a contender in David West. An old school power forward who at his prime with CP3’s Hornets was an all around all-star. West brings a fighters mentality and bulk to a team full of softies. (it’s true) Draymond will no longer get into all the altercations now because West is here and not Kanye’s punk ass. So when Anderson Varejo is flopping his curls and Zaza Pachulia is avoiding fights, look for West and Green to be thugging it up in the paint. Speaking of Zaza, he is a slightly better, offensive version of Bogut. Though Zaza is a double-double machine, his softness (whoops), I mean non aggressive approach is the perfect complement to this team. Soft hands, big body, occasionally blocks a shot. He will be successful in this system. Iggy and Livingston will continue to thrive and make great plays when the superstars are burnt out. Keeping Ian Clark was a great move. Kid is fearless as an eagerness to learn.

“It’s my team, bruh! Go tell KD that!”


It will be fun to see this team. On paper their starting 5 is an NBA 2k lineup. But superteams take time to gel. ( A la Lebron’s first year in Miami.) Will this experiment with Easymoney works? Will Steph get cashed out next season when he becomes an unrestricted free  agent? Will Klay get traded? Will Draymond Greens production accel even more thus making him the 2016 NBA’s defensive player of the year? Will IGGY win 6th man of the year? Lots of fun questions but 2 main questions in all seriousness comes to my mind does this team has what it takes to win?

#1. Does this team have what it takes, to redeem themslves to win?

#2. How will Coach Kerr manage all those ego’s, especially since Luke Walton took his talents to Veniece Beach?

Like always folks, Stay thirsty my friends.


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